Ridge Research Scholars

2019 ridge Scholars

Congratulations to our 2019 Ridge Scholars!

The Ridge Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship granted to students for research and creative works on topics at the intersection of health and/or healthcare and the Humanities.

We are proud to present the 2019 Ridge Scholars and their research topics:

  • Pheobe Bean, Uncovering the Neuropsychological Experience of Injured Veterans Through Photography Essays
  • Reece Brandon, Mind Over Body: An Integrative Look at Nervous System Injuries
  • Callie Caughie, The Experience of Age: A Multimodal Approach to Understanding the Psychosocial Influences on Aging
  • Danielle Cooney, Parental Decision-Making: Navigating the Medical Ethics of Neonatal Intervention in the 21st Century
  • Erica Johnson, A Needs Assessment of Patrons Experiencing Homelessness at the Missoula Public Library
  • Sabrina Singh, Belonging Among Dementia Caregivers

Come back soon to find short profiles on each of our Ridge Scholars and their work!

2015/2016 Ridge Scholars

IHH is proud to announce that 11 Ridge Scholarships were awarded this year to University of Montana students whose work is at the intersection of health/healthcare and the Humanities.

  • Sarah Aronson, Creative Writing: Narrative weaving climate change in the Mendenhall Glacier area of Glacier Park with prose/poetry/interviews/Tinglit storytelling/images concerning the experience of loss/grief.
  • Jolene Brink, MFA Creative Writing: Ecological Atmospheres: The Accumulating Body. An interdisciplinary poetry manuscript and art installation exploring the history of copper mining, alchemical texts and the impact of accumulated toxins in the human body and our environment. 
  • Brook Clark, doctoral candidate Clinical Psychology: Diagnosis Threat in Survivors of Cancer: The Effects of the Chemo-brain Schema on Self-Reports of Cognitive Functioning.
  • Jeff Galius, Creative Writing: Narrative exploring traumatic impacts to the offspring of those involved in Nazi Germany.
  • Tressa Jones, MFA Studio Art: cold laps. A visual art interpretation of living in the presence of loss and the unknown. “Beauty has the ability to shape unpleasant experiences into something more bearable, a powerful healing influence when faced with loss or ill health.”
  • Patrick O’Conner, PhD, History: The Health of the Nation: Tobacco and Public Power in the United States, 1865-1933, charts previously overlooked history of the “critical role played by federal and state governments in the triumph of American tobacco” and the impacts of on public health and public power.
  • Spencer Ruchti, English: Slam Poetry: An Online Intervention for Treating Depression.
  • Cassidy Schoenfeld, Art and History: Art project developing images featuring climate impacts from a dog’s perspective and how the dog copes/overcomes the challenges (also supported by Climate Smart Missoula).
  • Evan Stewart, Applied Anthropology: Assessing Sanitary Practice and Health Knowledge in Humli Schools.
  • Ryan Thiel, Communications: Research exploring impacts of drug advertising and why college students largely opt for brand rather than generic drugs.
  • Alana Trumpy, MFA Creative Writing, Fiction: Comforter.  Trumpy’s novella describes, in the eyes of her seven-year-old daughter, a woman struggling with mental health issues and health complications arising from Hepatitis C. Her novella examines social contributors to health, how health services are accessed in marginalized communities, and stigma surrounding certain diseases.