Ridge Scholar Symposia 2016


Presenters are undergraduate and graduate student Ridge Scholarship recipients from the University of Montana whose work intersects the Arts and Humanities wit Health and Healthcare.  Each student will provide a description and sample of their project.  Three students will present on each date.

Free and Open to the Public
Light Refreshments Served

Oct. 3, 2016

5:15 - 6:45 p.m.
Liberal Arts 103A
University of Montana

Sarah Aronson (Creative Writing)

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Judy Blunt
The Glacier Behind the Town: A Story of Unrequited Love and Loss
A narrative weaving climate change in the Mendenhall Glacier area of Glacier Park with prose/poetry/interviews/Tinglit storytelling/images concerning the experience of loss/grief.

Cassidy Schoenfelder (Art and History)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicky Phear
Violet: The Greatest of Danes, Doing the Greatest of Things
An art project developing images featuring climate impacts from a dog’s perspective and how the dog copes/overcomes the challenges (supported also by Climate  Smart Missoula).

Evan Stewart (Applied Anthropology)  

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kimber Haddix-McKay
Assessing Sanitary Practice and Health Knowledge in Humli Schools
Baseline information-gathering in schools in Nepal as part of a global health project assessing sanitation practices contributing to disease.

Oct. 13, 2016

5:15 - 6:45 p.m.
Ridge Library Learning Center
Broadway Building, St. Patrick Hospital, 500 W. Broadway St.

Jeff Galius (Creating Writing)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Judy Blunt
Fatherland: Silence, Postmemory, and the Multigenerational Trauma of War
A literary memoir exploring traumatic impacts to the offspring of those involved in Nazi Germany.

Ryan Thiel (Communication Studies)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Yoshimura
Brand Name vs. Generic Drugs: An Exploration of Narratives Within Drug Advertising and its Perceived Impact on College Students
Research exploring impacts of drug advertising and why college students largely opt for brand rather than generic drugs.

Brook Clark (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stewart Hall
Diagnosis Threat in Survivors of Cancer: The Effect of the ‘Chemobrain’ Schema on Self-Reports of Cognitive Functioning
Clinical study investigating the effect of the chemo-brain schema on self reports of cognitive functioning on adults having completed chemotherapy for cancer.