Reece Brandon, “Mind Over Body: An Integrative Look at Nervous System Injuries”

reece brandon

Reece Brandon is a senior at the University of Montana. His Ridge Scholar research will pair his love of film with his passion for exploring the field of physical therapy, and more specifically, spinal cord injuries. As a project jointly underway for his senior capstone at the Davidson Honors College, he will be supported by UM and the Ridge Endowment. His research will result in a documentary film containing interviews with patients with spinal cord injuries as well as their physical therapists. One of his goals with the development of this research and documentary “is that people in the general public will then become more aware of the vulnerability, strength, and persistence of people living with such disabilities.”

Originally from Kalispell, Brandon grew up with a true love of exploring the great outdoors. His passion for physical activity drove his interest in physical therapy. He finds a true connection between maintaining physical activity and fostering mental wellbeing. His personal interests also include visual arts and films, which he creates in his spare time. View one of his previous films, “Busawo/Health”, about healthcare in Uganda.