Summer Program

A two-week Summer Program is available for 10 undergraduate American Indian students interested in a career in Clinical Psychology. Students will attend research and clinical presentations by graduate students and faculty in the Clinical Psychology Program and psychologists in the community and participate in a seminar, American Indian Psychology. Information about the University of Montana’s Clinical Psychology Program and faculty, as well as other Clinical Psychology Programs will be provided. Representatives from Financial Aid, Housing, the Native American Studies Department, and the Graduate School will also provide information and answer questions. However, time to study and prepare for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), write a Personal Statement, develop a Resume and/or Vita, and make a successful application to graduate school are the main goals of the Summer Program. The students will receive a daily stipend and their transportation expenses will be reimbursed.

Program Dates:
The first two weeks in June

Deadline for Applications:
To be announced


The students will be notified the first week in May whether or not they have been accepted into the Summer Program. The students are expected to make their own travel arrangements; however, mileage or the cost of the airline ticket will be reimbursed. Please plan to arrive the Sunday before the Program starts and plan to depart on the Saturday after the Program ends.

Previous Summer Programs

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