Irish Music and Dance – Ceol agus Rince na nGael

DANC 160A | Dance Forms: Irish | Sarah Donn

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Join us for Forms of Irish Dance offered Fall 2017 semester.

CRN 72133  -  Tuesdays  -  2:00pm-3:50pm  -  2 credits

Irish Dance – Rince na nGael

Probably no other element of Irish culture has enjoyed as high a profile or as much popularity as Irish Dance. Indeed, it was in response to student demand that the University of Montana first began offering a beginners’ course in step and céilí dancing in 2008. The course rubric is DANC 160 A. This is a two-credit course that meets once a week for two hours. It is designed for those who have little or no experience of Irish dance. One may access the syllabus by going to and entering the above rubric. The University of Montana plans to expand the number of offerings in Irish dance in the future. In the meantime, students may take advanced classes at the Missoula Irish Dance School.

Irish Music - Ceol na nGael

The Music of Ireland: Traditional and Contemporary [IRSH 391, MUSI 291] is designed as an introductory-level survey of instrumental and vocal music, along with dance, presented within (and without) the cultural history of the country, and communities of the Irish diaspora in Europe and North America.  Using historical field recordings, along with university and private collections, the course will feature the celebrated musicians, authors, poets, and artists of the past and present.  Guest artists and lecturers from Ireland and the United States, including members of the immediate university community and performers from across Montana, are invited to perform and share their personal experiences and artistic insight with students in concert- hall and classroom settings. This course is offered every second spring semester. It is a three-credit course and fulfills General Education Requirements.

You may listen below to recordings made in Missoula of some our previous guests:

  • James Kelly
  • Séamas Ó Beaglaoich
  • Eoin Ó Riabhaigh
  • Liam Ó Maonlaí
  • Gráinne Hambly
  • Maedbh Ní Bheaglaoich agus Páidí Mhárthain
  • Eoin Ó Ceannabháin
  • Danny O’Mahony

Ceolchoirmeacha – Concerts

Ceolchoirmeacha – Concerts