Bookshelf User Guide


The H&S Bookshelf is used to dynamically post books publsihed by H&S faculty on websites.
Books uploaded to the system will be automatically displayed on departmental websites and the main H&S Bookshelf.

  • Books will display in a grid.
  • Main display includes cover image, title, and author's name.
  • A tabbed details page displays all publication and author information.
  • Author information is generated by the Employee Database.
screen shot example of tabbed book entery

Adding a Book

To upload a book to the Bookshelf, follow these steps:

Book Information

  1. Prepare a small image (about 300 x 300 pixels, 72 ppi) of the book cover.
  2. Go to the H&S Bookshelf System.
  3. Click "NetID Login".
  4. Log in.
  5. Make sure you are in the correct department.
  6. Select the  "Add Book  to..." button from the User Panel on the right.
  7. Complete the form (see below for the Author field).
  8. Submit the form.
  9. Check your website for the new book.  (You may need to refresh your browser.)

menu showing add book option

Author Information

  1. Enter the NetID for the author in the Author field.
  2. Use the NetID lookup tool to the right to find the author's NetID if necessary.
  3. The author's profile will be pulled from the Employee Database.
screen shot of netid look up tool

Other Functionality

Edit an Entry

  1. Click on "View file" to the right of the title in the publication list. 
  2. Select the  blue "Edit" button, and edit as needed.

Delete or Archive an Entry

  1. Check the box to the far right of an entry in the publication list.
  2. Scroll down to the drop-down menu at the bottomof the publication list.
  3. Select Delete or Archive.

Delete will permanently delete a book from the list.
Archive will place the book in an archive from which it can be restored.

(To restore an archived book, go to the Archive in the User Panel and follow the instructions above, checking the box to the right of the book and choosing "Restore" before submitting.  You may also permanently delete a book from the Archive here.)

Manage Users

Some Admins can add and remove users from the system.  Instrcutions on how to manage user within your unit, please contact Spectral Fusion Designs.


Individual users must be added to the system.
Ideally, departmental Administrative Assistants or Web Managers will upload books into the system.

Please contact Spectral Fusion Designs to add the H&S Bookshelf to your site or to change your departmental administrator for the Bookshelf.