Your New Site: Things to Know

Cascade Web Training

Please plan to attend a Cascade Web Training short course offered by UM IT before you begin working on a website.  Courses are offered monthly.


Your site (and everything on it - documents, video, etc.) MUST meet accessibility standards. This is a legal issue.
Please follow all  accessibility standards.

Please Avoid

Please do not make changes in the _cms and _css folders, or in System or Outputs areas in Cascade unless you have been trained to do so.  Changes to these areas can break your site!

Naming Conventions

Documents, images, system names, pages, and folders should all be named using all lower case with dashes to separate elements when necessary.  It is best to keep these brief.


  • smith-article.doc (doc file)
  • group-2014.jpg (image file)
  • grad-program (folder or page
  • studyabroad  (folder or page)
  • bugs-fall15 (Story)

Spaces in names will render as "%20" in URLs.  It is best to avoid this.


Aim for:


Please resize images before uploading them to the Cascade content management system.  Large images slow load times, and UM IT runs scans for such images.

Image Sizes


72 - 150 ppi/dpi


  • Featured Image (Home Page):  If full width, this image must be 1200 pixels wide. Recommended height is around 350 pixels.
  • Tiles:  If using large image above text, a good size is 375 pixels wide x 250 pixels high.
  • Other images:  Longest dimension of 600 pixels should work for most images on the pages of your site.  You can always use smaller images as well.

Images and Documents Folders

Your site has been set up with folder for images and documents.

To keep your site well organized, upload images and documents into the appropriate folders. 

You are welcome to make subfolders as needed.  Just be sure to delete the default pages in these new folders and check "No" to "Include in Navigation?"

arrow indicating not to inclulde page in navigation