Newsstand User Guide


The H&S Newsstand System is used to dynamically post departmental newsletters on websites.
Newletters uploaded to the system will be automatically displayed on departmental websites and the main H&S Newsstand.

Newsletters will display in a grid.
The first page of the PDF will display on the webpage.
Clicking on the image will open the document.

Document Requirements

  • Documant format:  Accessible PDF in single page layout
  • Size:  32 MB max
example view of history newsletter

Adding a Newsletter

To upload a newsletter, follow these steps:

Prepare an accessible PDF document for upload. 

Give your document a simple file name that follows good naming convestions (all lower case with dashes):  hs-newsletter-fall2016.pdf

  1. Go to the H&S Newsstand System.
  2. Click "NetID Login".
  3. Log in.
  4. Make sure you are in the correct department.
  5. Select the  "Add Newsletter to..." button from the options on the right.
  6. Complete the form and submit the newsletter.
  7. Check your site for the newsletter.  (You may need to refresh your browser.)

mnue showing upload button


Individual users must be added to the system.
Ideally, departmental Administrative Assistants or Web Managers will upload newsletters into the system.

Please contact Spectral Fusion Designs to add or change your departmental administrator for the Newsstand.