Policies and Forms

IT Policies and Reminders for H&S Faculty and Staff

This information supplements UM IT policies.

Web Servers

No departmental webservers are allowed without prior approval from the H&S Dean's Office.

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers cannot be taken home without permission from the H&S Dean’s Office. These computers are not built to be mobile and require adherence to hardware, software, and security policies and contracts which in many cases differ from laptops. Laptops should be used when mobility is needed.

Computer Use

Computers issued to faculty and staff by UM are to be used for UM related activities. Private personal data should never be stored on these computers, nor should personal software products be installed. Information stored on UM computers is neither private nor free from review by authorized UM personnel.


Email exchanges between UM personnel should always originate from a UM email account and be sent to a UM email account. Email sent from a non-UM account, such as Gmail or Hotmail, does not conform to UM policies for privacy (per UM Personnel Policies or FERPA). While some email messages contain no information that compromises UM or FERPA policies, to be safe, refrain from the use of third-party email services for UM related activities.

Further, email received from students using non-UM accounts should be viewed with skepticism as there are no UM facilities in place to provide adequate assurance that the sender of the email is in fact from the student identified in the email. While it is possible a UM student email account can be pirated, UM has put in place processes and technology that meet industry standards for due diligence in the protection of UM student email authenticity.

The best practices for communicating FERPA protected information to students include two options. First, only email FERPA or UM protected information from a UM faculty or staff email account to the student’s UM email account. Second, communicate information to students via the email and messaging functions of Moodle, which is both FERPA and UM compliant provided it is used properly.

File Shares

You should ONLY use a UM file share, such as those offered by Griztech or Central IT. DO NOT USE Googledocs for any grade or other FERPA protected information because Google policies and use of the documents and information does not comply with FERPA or State of Montana laws, or UM policies. Faculty may use blogs, wikis, Googledocs, or any other tools for course discussions or course information sharing. However, these should never be used for assignment feedback, grade notification, or discussion of any other matter that can or will be used to evaluate specific student(s).