Policies for support in LA 103B

The College of Humanities & Sciences provides a “technology” conference room within the Liberal Arts Building. The room is on the first floor of the Liberal Arts Building and is handicap accessible. Please review the following items before reserving the room. If you have any questions, please contact GrizTech at 243-2200.

Equipment Provided

  • Podium –Technology podium provided by Presentation & Technology Services (PTS).
  • Presentation Computer – Built into the podium: (Windows 7 with MS-Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Acrobat Reader, QuickTime Player, Skype, Google talk, Camtasia Relay).
  • External Laptop Hookups – Built into the podium
  • Projector with screen – Ceiling mounted classroom projector with large screen at the front of the classroom. (east wall)
  • LCD television – South Wall: Smaller, 55” Toshiba, hi-definition LCD television. Audio and video provided by the computer in the podium. HDMI, VGA, and Audio connections are also provided for hooking up laptops or additional A/V devices.
  • Document Camera – On the side of the podium
  • Webcam and Microphone – Housed in the back cupboard
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse – Housed in the back cupboard
  • Furniture for classroom or conference setups – Movable tables and chairs which allows different room arrangements.
  • Jabra Speaker/microphones – Housed in the back cupboard

If you need something that is not provided or you have questions regarding the equipment in the room, please contact Griztech at 243-2200

Audio/Video Conferencing

Skype and GoToMeeting are offered in LA103B. Skype is ideal for smaller sized groups where you only have a few people connecting to the Skype session (less than five). The college has a Skype account that you can use so there is no need to create an individual account. GoToMeeting is for larger groups where collaboration between different locations is required. The college also has a GoToMeeting account that you can use to host sessions. Please contact GrizTech at 243-2200 for more information.

Using the Room:

Before the Meeting:
It is highly recommended that you contact GrizTech at 243-2200 to verify that all your technology needs will be covered during your meeting. Additionally, for more complicated meetings such as distance learning, it is recommended to schedule a short meeting with Griztech for training and to make sure everything is set up properly.

During The Meeting:
Equipment such as the webcam, speakerphone, wireless keyboard and mouse are stored in the cupboards towards the back of the room.
If you’re going to use Skype or GoToMeeting, it is recommended to show up 20 minutes before the scheduled time for setup and testing. If you run into trouble you may contact GrizTech at 243-2200 for assistance.

After The Meeting:
Please make sure to arrange the furniture back to its normal configuration. Please make sure to log out of any services that you have on the computer and then shut down the computer. Finally, if you borrowed any equipment, please return the equipment to their original place.

Tech Support:

GrizTech is the primary tech support for LA103B. You can call them at 243-2200 or email them at Griztech@mso.umt.edu