Retiree Computers Policy

HS IT Policy on Retiree Computers

Retired faculty from the College of Humanities & Sciences that possess university owned computing equipment must follow the following policies.


Retirees are responsible for the safekeeping of their computer. Unless exempted by the H&S Dean’s Office, retirees are liable for any damage to computing equipment and any associated accessories that came with it. Should the equipment be stolen and you are able to justify to the satisfaction of the H&S Dean’s Office that neglect was not attributable to you, you will not be held liable for replacement costs.

In order to reduce the risk of loss or damage H&S IT recommends the following steps to care for the equipment.

  • If you leave a laptop in your car, lock it in the trunk.
  • Never store a computer in a hot or cold location (i.e. car in summer or winter).
  • Never leave a laptop unattended and unsecured.
  • Under no circumstances access or attempt to access internal parts and/or repair the unit yourself.


Software provided by the university requires activation. It is required to connect the computer via direct or VPN to the university network every 180 days. Not doing so will cause the software on the computer to deactivate.

The university provides the operating system, antivirus software, and Microsoft Office free of charge. Additional software may cost extra. Software not owned by the university is not supported by H&S IT. Exceptions may be made with written support from the H&S Dean’s Office, GrizTech or your departmental IT staff.


H&S IT will provide support for the following situations:

  • General software updates, virus removal, routine maintenance.
  • Installation and configuration of peripheral devices provided that the device is owned by the university and authorized by H&S IT.
  • Upgrades to computing equipment will need to be approved by H&S IT

H&S IT will not make “house calls” for computer equipment off-campus. It is up to the retiree’s responsibility to bring the equipment to campus for support.