Departmental Website Review Policy


(This policy is in the process of being revised.)

Due to the ever-changing technologies and methods used to interact with the web, it is important for departments within the College of Humanities & Sciences to maintain an updated web presence. This is vital for communications as well as promoting the department at large. Spectral Fusion Designs (SFD), an IT unit within H&S, is responsible for maintaining this presence.

At least every four years, H&S departmental websites will be reviewed to make sure they meet current and future technological needs and to ensure compliance with UM, H&S, accessibility, and industry standards.  SFD, in consultation with the department will evaluate and determine if any significant changes need to occur on the department’s website.

Programs, labs, and faculty pages will be reviewed with their corresponding department.


The review process includes the follow steps:

  1. SFD will evaluate the site based on the following criteria:
    • Does it comply with UM standards?
    • Does it comply with H&S standards?
    • Does it comply with accessibility standards?
    • Does it comply with industry standards?
    • Does it provide the best possible user experience?
    • Does it serve the needs of the department?
  2. If the site does not meet the criteria above, SFD will draft a list of issues and recommendations to present to the department.
  3. If the department agrees to have work performed on the site, SFD will propose a timeline for completion. In addition, a list of responsibilities between SFD and the department will be drafted.
  4. Upon agreement of the responsibilities, SFD will perform the approved rebuild.
  5. Once completed,  the site will be presented for review and approval by the department.
  6. Upon approval, SFD will push the site live and archive the old site.

Programs, Faculty Pages, and Labs

During the departmental review, all programs, labs, and faculty sites under the department will be evaluated. SFD will provide basic template options for these entities. Custom work or programming will be charged according to the SFD Pricing Structure. SFD will provide an estimate of such changes before work begins.


Unless prior agreements have been made between SFD and the program, the program will use the department’s website design. If the program wishes to have a custom design, they will be charged for additonal design work.


Template options are available for lab websites. If custom work is requested, SFD will meet with the client to determine the costs associated with the changes or design elements.


By default, faculty pages on the department’s website will use the department’s template and the UM Employee (Faculty) Database to dynamically generate content. If faculty wish to build an additional website to accomodate research and other information, SFD offers two template options at a low cost to faculty.