Web Services

Spectral Fusions Designs is the web support office for the College of Humanities and Sciences.

For web support and project estimates, contact SFD:
SFD Website

H&S academic units and programs are not billed for website maintenance, builds, or redesigns (up to 10 hours/yr for site emaintenance and 30 hours/yr for site builds or redesigns).
SFD charges a competitive price for all other web and design work.
See the Pricing page for more information.

Service Offered by Spectral Fusion Designs

  • Web design/development
  • UM web template customization and assistance
  • Grant websites
  • Conference websites with online registration and payment
  • Lab websites
  • Custom application development
  • Employee UM Database support
  • Analytics
  • Document management systems
  • Database development
  • Website accessibility
  • Poster and flyer design
  • Logo and design
  • Scanning (images and slides)

For information and estimates, contact SFD at sfd@mso.umt.edu.

Website Maintenance

SFD strives to develop websites that can be turned over to clinets for maintenance, but we understand that assistance is sometimes needed to manage a website and keep content current.

SFD can help with website maintenance such as editing and updating content (text, images, audio, video, and graphics) on current pages, adding new pages,content, and features, maintaining web applications and databases, and assisting with more technical cms and template tasks.

H&S academic units and programs receive 10 hours of web maintenance each fiscal year at no charge

Maintenance contracts are available for other H&S and UM clients at a rate of $40/hour.

Please contact Spectral Fusion Designssfd@mso.umt.edu