Basketball Tournament

CANCELED! Click here for more information.

22nd Annual Kyiyo Basketball Tournament!

Organized and Sponsored by:

  • Kyiyo Native American Student Association

The Kyiyo Basketball tournament is a fundraiser and will be held the same weekend as the Annual Kyiyo Powwow.  Native American talent is noticeable in and around all communities on and off the reservation. The Kyiyo Tournament is of great importance to Montana Native Americans, as well as Native Americans from across the U.S. and Canada. In addition, the Kyiyo Tournament brings Native Americans and non-Native Americans together to showcase talent and sportsmanship perspectives as well as promote health and wellness. The Kyiyo Tournament has evolved into a major annual University event; it has grown significantly over the years in terms of expense, attendance, and student labor. The Kyiyo Tournament is one of the oldest tournaments ran by a Native American student-organization in the nation and this year it will be held April 17-18, 2020!

If you would like more information or if you're interested in volunteering please contact Alyxandria Sunchild, 

orange basketball flyer providing contact information
orange basketball with feathers asking for volunteers