Kyiyo Powwow Royalty

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Royalty by Year

Miss Kyi-Yo: Sierra Lena Snow Webster-Shorty

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Regina Ralyleigh Young Bear-Phalen

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Amani Yellow Owl

Miss Kyi-Yo: Natasha Faith LaForge

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Taylor Skye Cree Monteau

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Kaylen Top Sky

Miss Kyi-Yo: Hannah Blackcrow (Blackfeet)

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Chloe Thompson (Nez Perce)

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Shawnna Renee Rose Jimenez (Blackfeet)

three princesses

Miss Kyi-Yo: Karaya Pease (Crow)

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Hailey Hammett (Blackfeet/Gros Ventre)

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Tamyah Eashappie (Gros Ventre/Nakoda/Lakota)

20152016 royalty

Miss Kyiyo: Wozek Chandler

Jr. Miss Kyiyo: Oteskwe Shebala

Lil' Miss Kyiyo:  Shandiin Shebala

wozekshebala girls

Miss Kyiyo: Kia Mccloud

Jr. Miss Kyiyo: Rhiannon Eagle Speaker

Lil' Miss Kyiyo: Nihani Siis Stiffarm


PW royalty

Miss Kyiyo

jingle dress dancer


My name is Hokian Win McCloud which means Flying Voice Woman. I am a Fort Peck Dakota Sioux, Yakama and Puyallup. I am 19 years old and currently attending North West Indian College working to major in business management. My parents are Russell & Thea McCloud. I have 2 brothers, Red Bear & Rusty and 1 sister, Tosha.  


I love to dance! I have been dancing jingle my whole life. I also enjoy traveling with my family and meeting new people all over the United States and Canada. 

It was such an honor to be Miss Kyi Yo for 2017-2018 and I will cherish my time during this reign forever. I traveled as much as I could including Gathering of Nations, Prairie Island/Shakopee Minnesota, Reno Nevada, Rocky Boy MT, Standoff Alberta Canada, Pala California and Hollywood Florida to name a few places. I tried my best to represent myself, my tribe, my family and Kyi yo celebration in the best way I knew how! Good luck to the new up and coming royalty and I hope you wear your sash and crown with pride and joy! I wish everyone to have a fun fabulous weekend and safe travels home.  


Mitakuye Oyasin