Kyiyo Powwow Royalty

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Royalty by Year

Miss Kyi-Yo: Sierra Lena Snow Webster-Shorty

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Regina Ralyleigh Young Bear-Phalen

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Amani Yellow Owl

Miss Kyi-Yo: Natasha Faith LaForge

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Taylor Skye Cree Monteau

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Kaylen Top Sky

Miss Kyi-Yo: Hannah Blackcrow (Blackfeet)

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Chloe Thompson (Nez Perce)

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Shawnna Renee Rose Jimenez (Blackfeet)

three princesses

Miss Kyi-Yo: Karaya Pease (Crow)

Jr. Miss Kyi-Yo: Hailey Hammett (Blackfeet/Gros Ventre)

Lil' Miss Kyi-Yo:  Tamyah Eashappie (Gros Ventre/Nakoda/Lakota)

20152016 royalty

Miss Kyiyo: Wozek Chandler

Jr. Miss Kyiyo: Oteskwe Shebala

Lil' Miss Kyiyo:  Shandiin Shebala

wozekshebala girls

Miss Kyiyo: Kia Mccloud

Jr. Miss Kyiyo: Rhiannon Eagle Speaker

Lil' Miss Kyiyo: Nihani Siis Stiffarm


PW royalty

Miss KyiyoShawntyana Bullshoe

Jr. Miss KyiyoMikayla McHugh

Lil' Miss KyiyoIriana Old Elk

Miss Kyiyo

jingle dress dancer


My name is Hokian Win McCloud which means Flying Voice Woman. I am a Fort Peck Dakota Sioux, Yakama and Puyallup. I am 19 years old and currently attending North West Indian College working to major in business management. My parents are Russell & Thea McCloud. I have 2 brothers, Red Bear & Rusty and 1 sister, Tosha.  


I love to dance! I have been dancing jingle my whole life. I also enjoy traveling with my family and meeting new people all over the United States and Canada. 

It was such an honor to be Miss Kyi Yo for 2017-2018 and I will cherish my time during this reign forever. I traveled as much as I could including Gathering of Nations, Prairie Island/Shakopee Minnesota, Reno Nevada, Rocky Boy MT, Standoff Alberta Canada, Pala California and Hollywood Florida to name a few places. I tried my best to represent myself, my tribe, my family and Kyi yo celebration in the best way I knew how! Good luck to the new up and coming royalty and I hope you wear your sash and crown with pride and joy! I wish everyone to have a fun fabulous weekend and safe travels home.  


Mitakuye Oyasin