Kyiyo Native American Student Association

It is resolved that an organization be formed to foster an environment that respects, and promotes the cultures and customs of all American Indians. In accordance with the traditions of the University of Montana–Missoula, this organization will be called Kyiyo Native American Student Association. The purpose of our organization is to bridge the faculty and students of the University of Montana with the communities of Missoula and surrounding areas of Montana. Through extra-curricular activities, we will engage others in our cultural traditions in order to unify and promote the cultural identity of Native Americans. We, the Native American students of the University of Montana–Missoula do hereby decree this constitution.

A. To be eligible for membership in Kyiyo, a person must be a currently registered student at the University of Montana–Missoula and pay the Associated Students of the University of Montana-Missoula Activity Fee.  Non-Native Americans may become members of Kyiyo, but they cannot hold executive office.  They retain all voting rights guaranteed to other members and may be appointed to chair or serve on committees, with the exception of the executive committee.

B. Members of Kyiyo shall attend at least two meeting every month for the academic year.

C. Those people who fulfill the membership requirements of Kyiyo will be allowed to vote at all Kyiyo elections.  

D. Community members may be eligible for membership in Kyiyo as long as they meet the requirements of Article III, Sections B and C. Community members cannot make up more than 15% of the clubs demographic. Community members may serve on committees but cannot hold executive office or be appointed chair of any committee. Community members retain all voting rights guaranteed to other members of the club. Community members are expected to follow the University of Montana Student Conduct Code and ASUM Guidelines.

A. Meetings will be held to conduct business, to inform members, and to plan and schedule events such as the annual Kyiyo Powwow, Kyiyo Basketball tournament , and others as determined by the Kyiyo membership.

B. Meetings will be held at least weekly during the Fall and Spring semesters at preannounced locations.

C. The executive committee with a majority vote of this committee may call special meetings as necessary.  This will require posting a notice not less than 48 hours prior to the meeting time.  Meeting notices will be posted at the Native American Studies Building, the Kyiyo office at the Payne Family Native American Center, and other such places frequented by Native American students around campus.

D. Kyiyo meetings must meet the requirements of a quorum; which will be a simple majority of all members (identified as fifty percent plus one: or “50% + 1”) to be official.  All general meetings will comply with parliamentary rules as defined in Robert’s Rules of Order.

1. Executive meetings will be held and will require all elected officers to be in attendance.  If an officer cannot attend he or she shall delegate his or her vote to another executive officer as proxy.

2. Standing committees shall be formed and ad hoc committees may be appointed as necessary.  Executive officers shall be notified of all committee meetings.  After committee recommendations are made, they shall be presented by the committee chair for consideration at the next general meeting.  

3. All committees who seek Kyiyo funds must submit a budget request to the Budget committee.  The Budget committee will then submit budget requests with their recommendations during committee reports given at the next regularly scheduled general meeting.  A quorum vote will be required, as well as the consent of the faculty advisor, to approve any recommended requests submitted at general meetings.

A. Attendance at all Kyiyo meetings is required for all officers.  Notice of absence must be given to the other officers within 48 hours before any scheduled meeting, except in emergency situations (i.e. individual or family illness, ‘acts of God’, etc.).  All officers of the association are required to conduct themselves in an ethical manner that upholds the intent and traditions of Kyi-Yo.  If any elected officer is removed from office, or if an incumbent vacates any office; the position will be filled through a special election meeting.  

B. The duties of the executive officers shall be as follows:

1. President

a. The president will preside over all executive and regular meetings of Kyiyo. The president or executive committee will receive all business matters to be put on the agenda before all meetings, and will also call executive meetings at which the president will preside.  The executive committee will appoint committee chairs and over see their progress.  The president may be removed from office if he or she fails to meet the required duties and responsibilities of the position or conducts him or herself in a manner that is in direct violation of the established Student Code of Conduct of the University of Montana as well as the ASUM Guidelines during tenure of office.

2. Vice-President

a. The vice-president will assume the responsibilities and rights of the President in the event of absence.  The vice-president shall serve as Parliamentarian at all regular meetings to ensure meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion.  The vice-president may preside as Parliamentarian at committee meetings if requested to do so.

b. The vice-president shall share any duties with the president    that the president deems necessary as delegated by mutual agreement.  Either the president or vice-president must be present at all meetings, or the meetings shall be canceled and rescheduled as soon as possible. If at any time the vice-president fails to meet the required duties and responsibilities or if he or she conducts him or herself in such manner that is in direct violation of the University of Montana Student Conduct Code and ASUM Guidelines, he or she may be removed from the office of vice-president.

3. Secretary

a. The secretary will announce all meetings as directed by the president. He or she will prepare, print, and distribute the meeting agendas as well as keep a record of all property acquired by Kyiyo.  He or she will also keep and maintain all records pertaining to Kyiyo in a secure location.

b. The secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the minutes of each meeting and is required to present such records upon request for approval and review.

c. If at any time the secretary fails to meet the required duties and responsibilities or conducts him or herself in a manner that is in direct violation of the University of Montana Student Conduct Code and ASUM Guidelines, he or she may be removed from the office of secretary.

4. Treasurer

a. The treasurer will prepare the annual Kyiyo budget proposal in cooperation with the executive committee for the approval of ASUM (Associated Students of the University of Montana) as well as presenting the proposed budget to the ASUM Senate.  The treasurer and the president will be responsible for lobbying the ASUM Senate to secure all funding required for operation of Kyiyo.

b. The treasurer will be required to keep an accurate record of all revenues and expenditures.  An update of all funds and expenditures shall be presented at regular and executive meetings for approval and review.  The signature of any two officers will be required on all transactions.

c. The treasurer shall chair the Budget committee and submit committee proposals for review to the executive committee before submission to the general membership at regular meetings.

d. If at any time the treasurer fails to meet the duties and responsibilities required or conducts him or herself in a manner that is in direct violation of the University of Montana Student Conduct code and ASUM Guidelines, he or she may be removed from the office of treasurer.

5. All executive officers, committee chairs, and committee members will be held accountable for their actions.  They must adhere to the established University of Montana-Missoula Student Conduct code and the ASUM Guidelines.  Whenever an executive officer’s actions become detrimental to the standing of the organization among the other ASUM organizations by violating the Student Conduct code or ASUM Guidelines, such actions shall be grounds for dismissal from office.

i. In accordance, the Ethics committee will hold hearings in reference to violations committed by an officer upon the recommendation of a quorum of the membership at a special meeting.

ii. After such, the Ethics committee will make a recommendation to the membership at the next regular meeting.  A ¾ majority of all members will be required to act upon the recommendation of the Ethics committee.

iii. The officer in question will submit to the decision of the membership.

iv. If any elected officer is removed from office, the vacant position will be filled by means of a special election meeting.  However, if the position of president is vacated, the vice-president will assume the office and a new vice-president will be selected.

A. To be eligible to any executive office of Kyiyo, members will be required to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 cumulative.  This GPA standard must be maintained during tenure in office. Failure to maintain this standard will be grounds for dismissal.  Candidates for the positions of president and vice-president must be a full-time student in good academic standing and in compliance with the GPA standard at the University of Montana-Missoula.  Candidates for the positions of secretary and treasurer are open to all Native American members in good academic standing and are in compliance with the GPA standard.  The term of office for executive officers shall last one academic year and no more than two terms shall be served consecutively in the same office.

B. The Executive committee shall accept nominations for executive officers during the first full week following the Kyiyo powwow celebration.  All nominated candidates must agree to serve if elected.  Elections for officers will be held one week after the completion of nominations.  The new officers will be announced within 48 hours by posted results displayed the Kyiyo office, the Payne Family Native American Center, all social media sites and by email.

C. The elections shall be conducted by as follows: the secretary will verify voting eligibility by use of membership list and presentation of student ID by the members.  Then, the secretary will provide a paper ballot listing all positions in contention and the candidates.

D. After polling time is declared closed, the Executive committee shall certify to the secretary that the polls are closed and that the ballots are ready to be counted.  The chair of the Election committee and the faculty advisor shall count the ballots and tabulate the results to ensure accuracy and fairness.

E. Upon completion of tabulation of the ballots, the results shall be given to the secretary who will publish and post the results as required in Article VI Section B.

F. All candidates upon acceptance of nomination shall state their qualifications before the members of Kyiyo during the campaign period for the position they are seeking.

G. In the event that a runoff election is necessary to break a tie, the remaining candidates will present their qualifications and experience to a quorum of the membership at a special meeting and a new round of voting shall be conducted as stated in Article VI Sections D and E.

H. Once elected, the member will enter a mentorship under the former office member of their respective position. Under this mentorship, they will learn the duties and responsibilities of their position. They will then assume their duties the following semester.

The source of funds for Kyiyo are accrued through membership dues, various fundraising activities such as raffles, fry bread sales, special vending tables at various events, basketball tournaments as well as donations from the Deans of each College at the University of Montana-Missoula and contributions from ASUM.

A. Standing committees consist of the following: Executive, Budget, Ethics, Marketing/Public Relations, Recruitment/Special Events, and Pow-Wow Committees. Every decision of each committee shall go through the club as a recommendation and the committee shall not act on any decision before the club votes and approves these decisions.

1. Executive Committee will consist of the current elected executive members. Their duties involve meeting with the chair of each committee to ensure the discussed objectives are being met. Corrective action will be taken in the event the committee fails to meet the discussed objectives.

2. Budget committee will consist of the clubs treasurer as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs.

3. Ethics committee will consist of the advisory board of the club as well as appointed club members. They will work with the club advisors to address any conflicts that may arise in regard to the constitution as well as violations committed by an executive club member.

4. Marketing and Public relations committee will ensure that the club continues to have a positive image in the face of the community. They will work with community members to build relationships which will be beneficial to our organization. They will also update and monitor the clubs social media websites.

5. Recruitment and activities committee will encourage students and community members to join our club. They will find unique opportunities and plan activities throughout the year which will assist them in meeting this goal. A

6. Pow-Wow committee will handle administrative business in preparation of the annual pow-wow celebration. This includes contacting head staff, host drum, and color guard. This committee is responsible for only making recommendations to the club, and any decision must be presented and approved by the club before any contracts are written up.

B. Ad hoc committees shall be established as necessary by majority of the executive committee.

C. The executive committee shall appoint all committee chairpersons on basis of acceptance by nominee.

The Kyiyo Native American Student Association is affiliated with the Associated Students of the University of Montana.

The executive committee will appoint a faculty/ staff member as advisor by the first scheduled meeting of Kyiyo in order to insure that the constitution and its proscriptions are followed.  Kyiyo will submit names of nominees to the executive committee for consideration during the last regularly scheduled meeting in the spring semester. The executive committee will notify ASUM of its’ decision on advisor for the following academic year.  The executive committee upon consultation and recommendation of the ethics committee may remove the Kyiyo advisor. However, Kyiyo must have an advisor at all times.

The Kyiyo Constitution must be approved by a simple majority of the membership determined as a quorum, or 50% + 1.

The constitution may be amended by referendum called by petition signed by at least half of the membership of Kyi-Yo.  In order to amend the constitution, a proposed amendment for consideration must receive a ¾ majority vote of the membership. If the proposed amendment receives enough votes for a referendum vote, the executive committee will call for a special election for the members to vote on the proposed amendment. However, the proposed amendment must receive a supermajority of 75% of the membership vote to be enacted into the constitution.

A. The first unexcused absence of an executive officer shall be grounds for a verbal warning by the Ethics committee and will be counted towards a total of three unexcused absences upon a second unexcused absence, a written warning shall be issued to the offender. The third shall be grounds for dismissal from office upon request by the membership.

B. Officers and committee chairpersons shall make all reasonable attempts to avoid expulsion.  Due process will be given to offenders according to the University of Montana-Missoula Student Conduct code and ASUM Guidelines. Following the decision for expulsion, the officer will step down from office immediately. Elections for a new officer will be held as soon as possible following the guidelines previously stated in Article VI.