Latin American Studies Program

Program Description

The Latin American Studies program at the University of Montana provides students an opportunity to study and research the history, culture, lands, art, geography and institutions of Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of America through an interdisciplinary perspective. U.S. economic, political and cultural important growing relations with the Latin American region makes knowledge of Latin America and its people an essential art of a liberal arts and green shilis

The Latin American Studies Program offers a Minor in Latin American Studies in conjunction with a major in another discipline. Students admitted to the Program must register with the Chair of the Latin American Studies Program. Students are encouraged to plan their course sequence early in their course of studies in order to be able to plan for Study Abroad Program if possible.

Students minoring in Latin American Studies will be prepared for graduate study or for employment in fields such as government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business, industry, health and education.

Advising Form [PDF]
Latin American Studies Program Flyer [PDF]

Program Requirements

The Latin American Studies Program offers a Minor in Latin American Studies. Students registered for a Minor in LAS in combination with a major in another discipline must register with the Latin American Studies Minor Director, who will review their course of study and advise students on planning their course sequence.

The following will be requirements for a Minor in Latin American Studies:

    1. Completion of a minimum of 18 semester credits in approved Latin American Studies courses (including all courses listed below in addition to special offerings) in at least three different disciplines. One of these courses must be ANTY103- Introduction to Latin American Studies (3 credits)
    2. Completion of Spanish 101-201 or equivalent.

Note: Participation on a Study Abroad program is highly recommended. For a detailed list of LAS core curriculum, please check our Courses page.