General Humanities

Requirements for a General Humanities Option

Lower-Division Requirements

  • Foreign Language - Two years (4 semesters) of a single foreign language
  • Liberal Studies 151L (4 credits) and 152L (4 credits) - Introduction to the Humanities. Prerequisite or corequisite WRIT 101 or equivalent.
  • Literary Studies - British or American Literature, 3 credits
  • Historical Studies - European or American History, 3 credits
  • Asian Studies, 3 credits
  • Religious Studies, 3 credits

Upper-Division Requirements

  • History, 3 credits
  • Philosophy or Political Philosophy, 3 credits
  • Women’s and Gender Studies, or Native American Studies, or African-American Studies, 3 credits
  • Religious Studies, 6 creditsLiberal Studies, 6 credits (from among LS 326, LS 327, LS 368, or LS 428)
  • Liberal Studies Capstone Senior Seminar, 3 credits

The upper-division writing expectation must be met by successfully completing an upper-division writing course from the approved list in the General University Requirements section of the UM Catalog. In addition, students must complete the University of Montana general education requirements according to the governing UM catalog.

Please visit the Univerisity of Montana Course Catalog for more information.