Religious Studies Advising Worksheet

Lower Division Requirements

Foreign Language (Two years of a single foreign language) 18-20 cr.
WRIT 101, Composition (previously ENEX 101) or equivalent 3 cr.
Liberal Studies 151L, Introduction to Humanities (autumn or sum. semester only) 4 cr.
Liberal Studies 152L, Introduction to Humanities (spring or sum semester only) 4 cr.
Liberal Studies 161H, Introduction to Asian Humanities 3 cr.
Two 200-level Religion Courses: At least one course in religions of Near Eastern/Mediterranean origin and one in Religions of South Asian or East Asian origin  6 cr.

Near Eastern/Mediterranean (Pick at least one course)

  • RLST 204H, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the History of Ancient Israel
  • RLST 205, Introduction to New Testament Studies
  • RLST 221, Judaism
  • RLST 225, Christianity

South or East Asian (Pick at least one course)

  • RLST 232H, Buddhism
  • RLST 234, Hinduism
  • RLST 236, Chinese Religions
  • RLST 238, Japanese Religions

Upper-Division Requirements

RLST 300, Theory & Method in the Study of Religion 3cr.

Five courses (15 cr.) selected from among the following:

  • NASX 304E, Natiive American Beliefs & Philosophy
  • RLST 310, Topics in Biblical Studies (R-6)
  • RLST 320, Ancient Judaism/Early Christianity (R-6)
  • RLST 335, Western Religious Thought I: Ancient/Early Medieval
  • RLST 336, Western Religious Thought II: Late Medieval/Early Modern
  • RLST 353, Topics in South Asian Religions (R-6)
  • RLST 354, Topics in East Asian Religions (R-6)
  • RLST 360, Classics of Buddhist Literature (R-6)
  • RLST 366, Tibetan Civilization
  • RLST 367, Approaches to the Study of Zen Buddhism
  • RLST 368, Contemporary Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia
  • RLST 369, Contemplative Traditions of Asia
  • RLST 370, Mysticism (R-6)
  • AAS 374, African-American Religious Experience
  • RLST 376, Contemporary Religious Thought (R-6)
  • RLST 381E, Comparative Ethics
  • AAS 450, Prayer and Civil Rights

Two Liberal Studies Courses with Religious Studies Content (for example, Liberal Studies 342, Topics in Comparative Literature and Religion) 6 cr.