UM Alumni awarded the 2019 Ken Hake Prize

Coeur d'Alene Language Programs

Left to right: Cheffrey Sailto (Coeur d’Alene Language Programs), John Ivens (U of Arizona), Amy Fountain (U of Arizona), Shannon Bischoff (Purdue University Fort Wayne), Audra Vincent (Coeur d’Alene Language Programs), John Lyon (CSU Fresno), and Michelle Clark (Coeur d’Alene Language Programs).

The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA) awarded the Coeur d’Alene Online Language Resource Center the 2019 Ken Hale Prize. Three UM alumni were collaborators on this project: Shannon Bischoff (Purdue University Fort Wayne), John Lyon (CSU Fresno) and Rebecca Wood (U of Colorado-Colorado Springs). All three received MAs in Linguistics from the UM Linguistics Program (Rebecca also received a PhD in Anthropology from UM). The Ken Hale prize is presented in recognition of outstanding community language work and a deep commitment to the documentation, maintenance, promotion, and revitalization of Indigenous languages in the Americas.