Usual Course Offerings

Many courses are not offered every semester and some courses are only offered in alternate years or intermittently. Be aware of this when planning your program! Year-long sequences are often available only on a basis of one course per semester throughout the academic year; therefore, you need to enter the sequence in the fall semester. Plan your schedule very carefully so that you do not miss a course you need because it is not offered the semester or year you preferred to take it.

When planning which courses to take, don't forget to check the prerequisites (which are listed in the course descriptions).  You might find our prerequisite graphs useful:

Courses offered both Fall and Spring Semesters

  • M 105 Contemporary Mathematics
  • M 115 Probability and Linear Mathematics
  • M 121 College Algebra
  • M 122 College Trigonometry
  • M 132 Numbers and Operations for K-8 Teachers
  • M 133 Geometry and Measurement for K-8 Teachers
  • M 151 Precalculus
  • M 162 Applied Calculus
  • M 171 Calculus I
  • M 172 Calculus II
  • M 221 Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • M 234 Higher Mathematics for K-8 Teachers
  • M 273 Multivariable Calculus
  • M 300 Undergraduate Math Seminar
  • M 307 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
  • STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics
  • STAT 341 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Courses not offered every semester

The following table visually represents in which semesters courses are usually offered; this information is also available in the course descriptions. 

Courses marked with a star (*) are offered every other year, or intermittently.  The semester in which they are taught may be fall or spring, but usually is the indicated semester.

Courses not Offered Every Semester
Courses usually offered only in FALL
Courses usually offered only in SPRING
M 104 Numbers as News
M 118* Math for Music Enthusiasts M 118* Math for Music Enthusiasts
M 181 Honors Calculus I M 182 Honors Calculus II
M 210 Introduction to Mathematical Software
M 225 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
M 301* Teaching Mathematics with Technology
M 311 Ordinary Differential Equations and Systems M 412 Partial Differential Equations
M 326 Number Theory
M 362 Linear Optimization M 361 Discrete Optimization
M 381* Advanced Calculus I
M 414* Deterministic Models
M 429 History of Mathematics
M 431 Abstract Algebra I M 432 Abstract Algebra II
M 439 Euclidian and Non-Euclidean Geometry
M 440* Numerical Analysis
M 445* Statistical, Dynamical and Computational Modeling
M 461 Practical Big Data Analytics M 462 Theoretical Big Data Analytics
M 467 Big Data Analytic Projects
M 473* Introduction to Real Analysis M 472 Introduction to Complex Analysis
M 485 Graph Theory
STAT 421 Probability Theory STAT 422 Mathematical Statistics
STAT 451 Statistical Methods I STAT 452 Statistical Methods II