Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Fall 2019

Date Name Title
Sept 17 Kim Ayers, Carroll College A Skew Product Model for Hybrid Dynamical Systems
Sept 24 K. Arthur Endsley, Forestry Neighborhood change and differential drivers in weak housing markets: Are shrinking cities exceptional?
Sept 30 (Monday) Maria del Carmen Quintana
Oct 8 Omid Khormali
Oct 15 Fast Enterprises, soft skills presentation
Oct 22 no speaker- attend ATG function in the evening
Oct 29 Javi Perez
Nov 5 go to colloquium
Nov 12

Casey C. Day, Erin L. Landguth
Computational Ecology Lab, School of Public and Community Health Science

From individuals to landscapes: applications of an eco-evolutionary simulation model to support fisheries management
Nov 19 Vanna Tran Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Network
Nov 26 Loren Meyer Native American Treaties: Preliminary Results from a Word-Frequency Analysis
Dec 3 Dakota Gray
Dec 10 Ian Kit Nicolas Kaczmar's Method