Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, October 12

3:10 pm - Colloquium

no meeting
Math 103

Tuesday, October 13

10:10 am - C&O Seminar

Anastasia Halfpap: Duality
Math 306

11:10 am - C&I-Math Ed Seminar

Fred Peck: Conducting Classroom Assessment Based in Cognition: The Case of Proportional Reasoning
Ed 124

12:10 pm - Graduate Student Seminar

Math 108 (Only for Graduate Students)

3:10 pm - Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Quy Cao: A Dynamic System using Baseline Weibull Distribution Based on Sequential Order Statistics
Math 211

4:10 pm - Algebra Seminar

Justin Lynd: p-fusion in finite groups (continued)
Math 211

Wednesday, October 14

3:10 pm - Undergraduate Math Seminar

Math Faculty: Coming soon to a classroom near you:
Preview of 300/400 level math courses for Spring 2016
Math 108 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:10 pm - Analysis Seminar

Karel Stroethoff: Summing reciprocals of even powers (continued)
Math 311

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