Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, November 18

3:00 pm – Colloquium

Tuesday, November 19

11:00 am – Math Ed Seminar

Fred Peck: Every Penny Counts: Promoting Community Engagement to Engage Students in Mathematical Modeling 
Math 108

2:00 pm – C&O Seminar

Anna Halfpap: Introduction to the perfect matching polytope
Math 311

3:00 pm – Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Van Tran: Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Network
Math 211

4:00 pm – Pizza & Problems

Math 108

Wednesday, November 20

3:00 pm – Undergraduate Math Seminar

Student Presentations:
Cory Emlen, Kenton Ke, Denise LaFontaine, and Cathy Rigby: Farey Recursion Research
Kit Fieldhouse, Daniel Gent, and Ian Gonzales: Summer Research – k-Graph C*-Algebras
Math 103 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:00 pm – Analysis Seminar

Dakota Arthun: An application of the Spectral Theorem for Sturm-Liouville Theory
Math 311

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