Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, October 3

3:00 pm — Colloquium

David Ayala: Reducing rotations to finite data
Math 103

Tuesday, October 4

11:00 am — Math Ed Seminar

Joshua Teague Rutherford, Fort Belknap Reservation
Math 108

12:00 pm — Graduate Student Seminar 

Dominka Dec: Geometry Paper on Paper Geometry: and Exploration of Euclidean Origami Constructions
Math 108 (Only for Graduate Students)

3:00 pm — C&O Seminar

TBA Gerald Todd II: Minkowski-type theorems, rational approximations, & general lattices
Math 311

3:00 pm — Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Rick Brown: A Study of Collaborative Funding from the National Institutes of Health From Social Network Perspectives
Math 211

4:00 pm — Algebra Seminar

TBA Nhan Nguyen: Valued Division Algebras over a Local Field
Math 211

Wednesday, October 5

3:00 pm — Undergraduate Math Seminar

Emily Stone: tba
Math 108 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:00 pm — Analysis Seminar

TBA Karel Stroethoff: Blaschke products
Math 311

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