Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, September 28

3:00 pm – Colloquium
Belin Tsinnajinnie: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Settler Colonialism in Mathematics 
via Zoom

Tuesday, September 29

11:00 am – Math Education
Derek Williams
, moderator: Learning Mathematics as Being Stirred into Mathematical Practices: An Alternative Perspective on Identity Formation.
via Zoom

2:00 pm – C&O
Patrick Kreitzberg:
The Happy End Problem, continued
via Zoom & Math 108

3:00 pm Applied Math & Statistics
Helen Russette – School of Community and Public Health Sciences: Measuring greenspace exposure on COVID-19 mortality in the contiguous United States
via Zoom & Math 103

4:00 pm – Algebra
Anastasia Halfpap:
Ramsey-type Properties in Number Theory, continued
via Zoom

Wednesday, September 30

3:00 pm – Undergraduate Math Seminar
Ke Wu:
How to Be an Antiracist
Before the presentation, please listen to this 40-minute podcast.
via Zoom

4:00 pm – Analysis
Deborah Pearlman: Fractals: Dimensional Discordance
via Zoom & Math 103

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