Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, February 18

President's Day - no classes

Tuesday, February 19

11:00 am – Math Ed Seminar

David Erickson facilitating: Discussion on How all people learn math?
ED 124 (all are welcome)

3:00 pm – Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Rick Brown: Semivariogram Hyper-Parameter Estimation for Isotropic Whittle-Matérn Priors in Bayesian Inverse Problems
Math 211

4:00 pm – Algebra Seminar

no meeting
Math 211

Wednesday, February 20

3:00 pm – C&O Seminar

Ian Kit Nicolas: Introduction to forbidden poset problems
Math 211

3:00 pm – Undergraduate Math Seminar

Elizabeth Gillaspy: A different perspective on directed graphs
Math 108 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:00 pm – Analysis Seminar

Atish Mitra – Montana Tech: Coarse geometry and C*-algebras: the Spakula-Willett Theorem
Math 311


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