Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, November 30

3:10 pm - Colloquium

Cody Palmer, PhD Candidate, Department of Mathematical Sciences: The Dynamics of Vector-Borne Relapsing Diseases
Math 103

Tuesday, December 1

10:10 am - C&O Seminar

Jenny McNulty: Non-representable Matroids
Math 306

11:10 am - C&I-Math Ed Seminar

Fred Peck: Formative Assessment (con’t)
Ed 124

12:10 pm - Graduate Student Seminar

Math 108 (Only for Graduate Students)

3:10 pm - Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Rebecca Bendick, Dept. of Geosciences, University of Montana: Numerical Simulation of the Nepal Earthquake
Math 211

4:10 pm - Algebra Seminar

Nikolaus Vonessen: Polynomial Identity Rings as Rings of Functions (continued)
Math 211

Wednesday, December 2

3:10 pm - Undergraduate Math Seminar

Greg St. George: TBA
Math 108 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:10 pm - Analysis Seminar

Kevin Joyce: A notion of radial symmetry for distributional spaces and L2 with an application to X-ray imaging - Part I
Math 311

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