Weekly Seminar Schedule


Monday, February 22

3:00 pm – Colloquium
Alexander Turbiner – ICN-UNAM, Mexico and Stony Brook University:
Choreography in Nature (towards theory of dancing curves, superintegrability)
via Zoom

Tuesday, February 23

11:00 am – Math Education
Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics: Initiating Critical Conversations - Session 7: Essential Concepts for Geometry and Measurement
via Zoom

1:00 pm – C&O
Dhruv Mubayi (UIC): The Feasible Region of Hypergraphs
via Zoom & Math 211

3:00 pm – Applied Math & Statistics
Attend Monday's Colloquium
via Zoom

Wednesday, February 24

4:00 pm – Analysis
Deborah Pearlman: Counting Primes with Chebyshev, part II
via Zoom & Math 211

Thursday, February 25

4:00 pm – Algebra
Arizona Winter School, lecture 3
via Zoom

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