Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, May 2

3:10 pm – Colloquium

Dieter Armbruster, Arizona State University: Swarms in bounded domains
Math 103

Tuesday, May 3

11:10 am – C&I-Math Ed Seminar

Ed 124

12:10 pm – Graduate Student Seminar

No meeting
Math 108 (Only for Graduate Students)

2:10 pm – C&O Seminar

Master's Project Presentation
Scott Davis:
Tic Tac Toe and Combinatorial Configurations
Math 211

3:10 pm – Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Jake Downs: Numerical Modeling of Subglacial Drainage
Math 211

4:10 pm – Algebra Seminar

Master's Project Presentation
Erik Borke:
Diameters of Cayley Graphs
Math 211

Wednesday, May 4

3:10 pm – Undergraduate Math Seminar

Pizza Party and DVD: The Derivative vs. The Integral: The Final Smackdown
Math 108 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:10 pm – Analysis Seminar

no meeting
Math 311

Thursday, May 5

Doctoral Dissertation Defense

Kevin Joyce: Point Spread Function Estimation And Uncertainty Quantification

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