Weekly Seminar Schedule

Monday, October 24

3:00 pm – Colloquium

no meeting
Math 103

Tuesday, October 25

11:00 am – Math Ed Seminar

Mike Jetty and Sarah Pierce from OPI: Indian Education for All (laws, policies, resources, achievement, etc.)
Math 108

12:00 pm – Graduate Student Seminar

Daniel Murphy: Genetic Algorithms and the 0/1 Knapsack Problem
Math 108 (Only for Graduate Students)

3:00 pm – C&O Seminar

Cory Palmer: Recent research and results reaping rewards
Math 311

3:00 pm – Applied Math & Statistics Seminar

Fernando Sánchez-Trigueros, Department of Geography: Heuristic applications for geographic information analysis under constraints of data uncertainty
Math 211

4:00 pm – Algebra Seminar

Eric Chesebro: The Farey graph and triangulations for 2-bridge knots
Math 211

Wednesday, October 26

3:00 pm – Undergraduate Math Seminar

Mark Kayll: Enumeration using integration: an unexpected interplay
Math 108 (Only for Undergraduate Students)

4:00 pm – Analysis Seminar

Karel Stroethoff: Blaschke products
Math 311

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