Summer Graduate Research Scholarships

Each summer the department awards a number of graduate summer research scholarships of up to $3,200. These awards are given on a competitive basis, and any student admitted to the Graduate Program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences is eligible to apply.
Preference will be given to graduate students in the Ph.D. program, especially students who have passed their preliminary exams, but strong applicants in the Master's program are also encouraged to apply.

Conditions for Summer Support

Awardees will be required to be in residency at the University of Montana or possibly another university for at least six weeks during the summer for which the award is granted.

Application Procedure

Applicants are requested to submit an application containing the following data:

  • sketch of applicant's background (place of origin, schools attended, degrees, etc.).
  • unofficial copy of your UM transcript
  • list of examinations taken (with dates).
  • future academic plans (including courses, seminars and examinations the applicant is planning to take).
  • a narrative detailing the applicant's research plans for the summer during which support is requested sponsored by a departmental faculty member.
  • other pertinent information (publications, presentations, etc.)

Application Form (PDF) (Deadline: Wednesday March 19th)

The Graduate Committee will review and rank all submitted proposals. The Graduate Committee will forward its recommendations and rankings to the Policy Committee which will make the awards.

Awardees will have two weeks to accept or decline an award (this gives people some time to make up their minds on summer plans). The Policy Committee may decide to pass declined awards on to students who are next in rank on the alternate list. 

Post Award Obligations

Successful applicants will have to submit a written one-page final report by the end of the Fall Semester following their award. The final report should describe the way the award has helped the awardees achieve the goals of his or her proposal. Failure to submit a report will disqualify the applicant from any future awards in this program.

Award Criteria

The following criteria will be used in ranking proposals:

  • overall quality of the research proposal.
  • likelihood that summer support will substantially aid in the completion of the student's program. (Note that this includes the overall strength of an applicant; academically strong and well-prepared students will be given preference over weaker students or students with short-comings in their background.)
  • preference will be given to Ph.D. students.
  • reports on earlier awards.