Richard Darnell

Richard Darnell

Adjunct Instructor/Math Tutoring Services Coordinator

Office: Math 002
Email: Richard.Darnell@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

Monday/Wednesday 11-1

Tuesday 2-3

And, by appointment.

Be sure to check in the Math Learning Center down the hall from my office as well.


Current Position

Adjunct Mathematics Instructor
Mathematics Learning Center Coordinator


Math 133: Geometry and Measurement for Elementary Teachers (LA 235; MWF 9:10, 1:10)

Math 132 Number and Operations for Elementary Teachers (LA 235; MWF 11:10)

Personal Summary

I am a native of the Kansas City area, who left soon after college to head west. The first stop was east central Wyoming, where I met my wife Jane. After more than 25 years of marriage, we've traveled the intermountain west with our two daughters and various pets as Jane has advanced in her career with the US Forest Service. This is our second tour of duty through Missoula -- the first being 20 years ago -- and it has been quite enjoyable to see how the town has changed and evolved over the intervening years.


Kansas State University (Mass Communications/Radio-TV), B.S. 1988

Regis University (Mathematics), B.A. 2004

Chadron State College (Mathematics Education), M.A. 2012


Regis University, Magna Cum Laude, 2004


I'm an avid bike commuter who would like to spend more time touring and camping on two wheels. When I'm not riding, I do a fair amount of "wrenching" on our family fleet of cycles, including doing maintenance and rebuilding work for friends as well, plus volunteering my time to help out at Free Cycles (the Missoula community bike co-op). My wife and I also enjoy spending time hiking, camping, and floating when we can find the time and opportunities.

Other time is spent playing harmonica for our dogs and in the occassional "hootenanny" jam sessions, and trying to keep on my goal of reading at least one book a month.