Faculty Profile

Brian Steele

Brian Steele


Office: Math314
Email: brian.steele@umontana.edu
Office Hours:

MWF 2:00-3:00 PM and by apointment

Current Position



Practical Big Data Analytics, Math 491

Big Data Projects, Math 491

Probability Theory, Stat 421

Statistical Inference, Stat 422

Real-time Data Analytics, Math 491

Introduction to Statistics, Stat 216

Statistical Methods I and II, Stat 451 and 452

Applied Linear Regression, Stat 542

Applied Multivariate Analysis, Stat 543

Theory of Linear Models, Math 544

Topics in Probability and Statistics, Stat 544

Graduate Seminar in Probability and Statistics Math 640


Ph.D, Mathematics , University of Montana , 1995. M.S., Statistics , Oregon State University , 1987, B.S. Natural Resources, Cornell University, 1978.

Research Interests

Predictive analytics


Currently, I am heavily involved in the University of Montana Big Data Initiative. Principally, I am developing courses, and have developed the Math Dept. Big Data Projects course, and am involved in the development of Practical Big Data Analytics and Real-time Data Analytics (with Eric Tangedahl, BMIS).

Field of Study

Big data analytics, statistical learning and prediction, bootstrap methods, generalized linear models, linear mixed models, generalized linear mixed models

Selected Publications


  • Steele, B.M.: Exact bootstrap k-nearest neighbor learners. Machine Learning, 74, 3  235 - 255,  2009.

  • Steele, B.M.: A modified EM algorithm for estimation in generalized mixed models. Biometrics, 52, 1295-1310, 1996.

  • Steele, B.M., Patterson, D.A.: Ideal bootstrap estimation of expected prediction error for k-nearest neighbor classifiers: Applications for classification and error assessment. Statistics and Computing, 10, 349-355,  2000.


English and Telugu