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College of Humanities & Sciences


Local Information

Driving directions to campus:

From Missoula International Airport:

  1. Leaving the airport, turn RIGHT onto Broadway St.
  2. Take the first LEFT leading you to the entrance of East Bound I-90.
  3. Follow I-90 and take Missoula's last exit (105) onto Van Buren St.
  4. Turn RIGHT at the stop sign onto Van Buren St. and stay in the RIGHT lane.
  5. At the stop light, turn RIGHT onto Broadway St.
  6. Move into the furthest left lane, and turn LEFT onto Madison St. at the stoplight.
  7. Drive over the bridge, staying in the left lane, and veer LEFT at the fork in the road.
  8. After the fork, turn LEFT at the stop light onto 6th St. You will be heading due East and directly in front of you will be the Adams Center. You are now on the north side of campus.  There are many losts available for parking with a day pass.  See the Detailed Parking Map below.  Day passes will be available at the registration table.
  9. To get to the south side of campus (closer to the conference activites) follow the road through the parking lots of the Adam's Center to the stop sign, then turn RIGHT onto Campus Dr.  Follow this as it curves around campus.

Campus information:

UM Campus Map (interactive)

UM Campus Map (pdf, relevent buildings highlighted)

Parking Information:

  • Detailed Parking Map
  • Day Pass:  Day passes will be available at registration.  20 minute loading zones are available to park while you obtain a day pass. With a day pass, you can park in most lots except for hourly-parking and reserved parking lots. Lots closest to the conference activities include B, C, G, and H on the detailed parking map above.  Those needing to park overnight can do so with a day pass in lot H.
  • Visitor parking regulations apply 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Parking is free on weekdays after 5 p.m., weekends, and University-observed holidays unless posted otherwise.
  • Disabled Parking Visitors' vehicles bearing federal, state, or municipal issued disability hangers or plates are approved for parking in all disability parking spaces and must be accompanied by a daily-parking pass or hourly-parking permit.

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