Math Department Facilities

Student Lounge

The student lounge in MATH 212 is set aside as a study area for students and has many algebra and calculus textbooks one can use for reference. There are tables for group study, as well as comfortable chairs and a couch. This is a great place to meet with fellow students to work on assignments, and to have close accessibility to the computer lab as well as professors' offices during office hours. This is a convenient place to study between classes. With group studying, the noise levels can occasionally get loud, but more often it is a quiet study environment.

Also available in the student lounge is the undergraduate information board. Information about scholarships, internships, department job openings and general math information is posted on this board. Math majors should check this board periodically.


There are lockers in the basement of the math building for students who are currently enrolled at UM, provided on a “first come, first served” basis. There is no charge, and a deposit is no longer required.  Additional details are in the Locker Use Policy.

Computer Labs

The mathematics department operates two computer labs, in MATH 206 and 306. MATH 306 is mostly used for teaching classes which require the use of computers. MATH 206 is a computer lab which students can use for math-related work.

The Mansfield Library has quite a few computers available during library hours.  In addition, there are computer labs operated by the College of Humanities and Sciences and by Information Technology Services.