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In response to current CDC, state and local recommendations, the MLC will not be open for in-person tutoring. As much as we’d prefer, this is not a situation where we’re comfortable jeopardizing the health and safety of our community.

However, we are making ourselves online with two new online services!

  1. Live online: Look for your course in the list below and click on the Zoom link during one of the scheduled times. You’ll talk live with a tutor who will help you with your questions.
  2. Correspondence (email): “Dear Math Tutor” – see below for details. You can email your questions and get a response within 24 hours. All answers are posted to Math Answers from Math Tutors on UM Box – feel free to browse for something that may be useful to you.

Live online with Zoom

Check back regularly for schedule changes. We’ll adjust as needed to meet the needs of our students and the schedules of our tutors.


Email us at and let us know what you need!

Tutoring Schedule


Schedule and Zoom Link

M105/M115 Contemporary Math/Probability and Linear Math

MWF 10-11 (Ian)
MWF 3-4 (Haley)

11-12 TTh (Emily)

M121 College algebra

MWF 12-1 (Ian)

TTh 12-1 (Baleigh)
TWTh 2-3 (Austin)

M122/M151 Trigonometry/PreCalculus

MWF 10-11 (Esther)
MWF 2-3 (Cory)

TTh 2-3 (Haley)

M162/M171 Applied Calculus/Calculus 1 (includes honors)

MWF 9-10 (Kenton)
SunMW 5-6 (Esther)

TTh 1-2 (Austin)

M172 Calculus II (includes honors)

MWF 11-12 (Ian)
MWF 4-5 (Kit)
5-6 W (Ian)

Math for Elementary Ed

MW 4:30-5:30 (Caleb)

TTh 6-7 pm (Baleigh)

Stat216 Introduction to Statistics

TTh 9-10 TTh (Dakota)

F 9-11 (Dakota)
TTh 4-5 (Emily)

Potpourri (Any question, any class)

MWF 10-11 (Haley)
MWF 1-2 (Cory)

TTh 1-2 (Kit)
TTh 4-5 (Kenton)


Try our new “Dear Math Tutor” service

Can’t find a time to talk live online? Send us your questions via email!

  1. Send an email to the
  2. In the subject line, include the course number (i.e. M121) and the specific topic (i.e. “Exponential functions.”
  3. Write your question, attach a screenshot or picture, or whatever you need to communicate the problem and its context.
  4. Tell us as much as possible so we can direct our comments to your needs.
  5. One of our tutors will respond to your question within 24 hours, and post the answer on Math Answers from Math Tutors on Box for all students to learn from.
Because of academic integrity and honesty policies, tutors may not provide full solutions or answers to homework problems. They will provide as much specific assistance, examples and explanations as possible.