Advising Worksheets

Each advising worksheet is based on a specific UM catalog year. Students typically use the catalog under which they first enrolled at UM. But students may graduate fulfilling requirements in any University of Montana-Missoula catalog under which they have been enrolled during the six years prior to graduation. Precise details about this, including special rules for transfer students, can be found in the UM Catalog.

To change your catalog (say to a newer catalog so that you can use Degree Works), please go to the Registrar's Office, or send an email (from your official UM student email account) to or  (please include your student id number).

Note that the UM Catalogs are the ultimate authority regarding degree requirements. Please bring any mistakes on the worksheets immediately to the attention of the Associate Chair of the Undergraduate Program.

Advising Worksheets by Catalog

  • Mathematics Education Option:
    You can use the advising worksheet based on the 2014-2015 Catalog.
  • Combined Math & Computer Science:
    You can use the advising worksheet based on the 2014-2015 Catalog.  (Note that since WRIT 222 is no longer offered, any approved lower-division writing course can be substituted for it.)
  • All other Math Majors (PDF)