Working for the Math Department

The math department hires undergraduates for several types of positions. These include grading, tutoring, and monitoring the computer lab. Inquire in the math office for more information or for applications.

Computer Lab Monitor

The math department hires students to monitor the computer lab in MATH 206 and to answer minor questions.


Graders assist professors in the grading of homework and quizzes; they are usually hired at the beginning of the semester.  If you are interested, make sure you have an updated application on file in the math office.

Math Tutor

The web page about the Math Learning Center and Math @ Mansfield has information about math tutor positions.

Private Tutoring

Of course, you can also tutor students privately.  If you wish, math office staff can put your name, contact info and hourly charge on a tutor list that is available on the math department website.