Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards

The Undergraduate Research Scholar Program aims to support undergraduate math majors doing research in the mathematical sciences.  The recipients of Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards are selected on the basis of academic merit.  They must be upper-division undergraduate math majors (this includes the combined major in computer science and mathematics).  It is expected that awards will usually be for two semesters, at up to $1,000/semester.  For two-semester awards, the second semester is subject to satisfactory progress as judged by the research advisor (who needs to communicate this to the chair of the department at the end of the fall semester).

Research Advisor:  Students applying for this award must find a tenure-track faculty member of the Department of Mathematical Sciences willing to be their research advisor; a research co-advisor from another department is permitted.  During the selection process, the Undergraduate Committee may consult with the research advisor.

Research Project:  The research project must have significant content in mathematics, statistics, or mathematics education, but need not be from one of these fields.  As part of the application, the student submits a ½ - 1 page research proposal, usually developed with the research advisor.

Watkins Scholarship:  If the student is also awarded a Watkins Scholarship from the Davidson Honors College for the same research project, the academic year value of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Award (URSA) is reduced by the amount of the Watkins Scholarship above $1,000.  For example, if a student receives a $1,500 Watkins scholarship, a two-semester URSA of $1,000/semester is reduced to $750/semester.

Application Process:  The applicant submits the departmental scholarship application form by the posted deadline, together with a research proposal (½ -1 page, usually developed with the research advisor).  In addition, the research advisor must submit the Undergraduate Research Project Description and Evaluation Form.