Math Day

October 6, 2017

Gallagher Business Building
University of Montana Campus

Math Day is a one day event for students in grades 8-12 who enjoy solving puzzles, figuring out things, and learning mathematics. Math Day is comprised of a variety of hands-on workshops on topics "beyond the classroom".  Some of the popular topics in the past were counting to infinity, math and music, fractals, and tic tac toe on a torus.  The day concludes with a panel discussion that demonstrates how mathematics is important in a variety of careers.

Students can come on their own or with their teachers.  We encourage teachers to bring students on a field trip to the MCPS sponsiored activity.

The day will run the approximate length of the school day; please register early for this event.  If you attended Math Day in the past, we encourage you to come again - and bring a friend!  The workshops are diffent every year!

Instructors:  UM Professors and Graduate Students


Closes one week prior to the event.

NOTE: This year registration will be limited to 250 students! 

OPI Credit

Teachers are given a certificate for 3 renewal units for Professional Development Activities from the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

student measuring a cylinder