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Study Abroad Greece Wintersession 2017

The department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures will be leading a study abroad class to Greece during Winter Session 2017.  It might seem far off now, but the planning begins early!

 Students on this program will learn about the art, archaeology, and history of Ancient Greece while traveling to museums and archaeological sites.  Visit the prison where Socrates spent his last days, consult the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, run in the stadium at Olympia, home of the Olympic Games, stand in the spot where Clytemnestra murdered Agamemnon!

 This program is open to all students; no previous Classics, Art History, Archaeology classes are required.

For more information please contact:

Matthew Semanoff

Study Abroad: Feeling China Ancient and Modern

Study Abroad in China summer 2016! This faculty led program is co-sponsored with Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).

Feeling China: Ancient and Modern

2016 Summer Program

July 5th [4th] - July 29th

CHIN 395/AS 395/ LS 395 (4 cr.)

Application deadline: March 18th

Estimated cost: 

In China: 1000-1100 USD

plus round trip airfare to Shanghai

Visa application fee

International Insurance (56.00 USD)

Shanghai International Studies University [SISU] waives the hosting University tuition and offer free hotel lodging.

For more information contact: Dr. Zhen Cao   (406)243-2154

Places to Visit:

Qu-fu: Confucius Hometown

Mount Tai: Taoist Holy Mount

Beijing: Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Olympic Park 

Shanghai: Modern Seaport City

Suzhou: Music and Silk Culture

Hangzhou: Westlake and Tea Plantation, Southern Culture

Classroom Workshops:

Introduction to Basic Chinese

Chinese History and Civilization

Chinese Music

and much more!

MCLL Partners with We Are Montana in the Classroom

As a pilot experiment this year we are offering a distance-learning companion to Foreign Language Day in partnership with We Are Montana in the Classroom. During the week of February 29, the department is planning a distance-learning prequel to Foreign Language Day. This distance-learning event will share Foreign Language Day with high schools that are unable to attend in person as well as for those that will join us in person on Friday, March 4.

A program of the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship’s Broader Impacts Group, We Are Montana in the Classroom places UM faculty members, graduate students, and professionals into K-12 classrooms to inspire students about higher education and career pathways. For distance-learning offerings, We Are Montana in the Classroom contracts with Inspired Classroom, a distance-learning education company with studio space in the MonTEC building.

If you are interested in participating in our FL Day 2016 distance events please contact Olivia White at or call at (406)243-2401.

Already participating in We Are Montana in the Classroom? We would love to schedule a visit in conjunction with your scheduled event or set up a separate time to meet with your students. Please contact Olivia White from MCLL or Nathalie Wolfram from BIG/We Are Montana in the Classroom for more information.
We look forward to this new opportunity to bring Modern and Classical Languages to your students!

Olivia White 
Administrative Associate II/General Advisor 
Department of Modern and Classical Languages 
University of Montana
(p) 406 243 2401

Nathalie Wolfram
Broader Impacts Group | We Are Montana in the Classroom