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The Arabic section offers an academic minor in Arabic Studies. The curriculum of the minor is designed to help students:

  • achieve the Advanced level in Arabic based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards of foreign language proficiency,
  • and learn about the history, geography, politics, religions, and diversity of the Arabic-speaking peoples.

To earn an academic minor in Arabic studies, normally students need thirty credits, divided as follows:

  1. Core Courses (27 credits): ARAB 101 (5 credits), 102 (5 credits), 201 (4 credits), 202 (4 credits), 301 (3 credits), 302 (3 credits), and 305 (3 credits); and
  2. Electives (3 credits): ARAB 307/317 (3 credits), ANTY 243, ANTY 244, or ANTY 345. Other electives can be discussed with the program’s advisor, Dr. Khaled Huthaily.

A minimum grade of C is required in all the courses to fulfill the minor. The number of credits required may vary with a student’s preparation. Therefore, students who are interested in graduating with the minor are highly encouraged to meet with the program’s advisor.

Arabic Studies Minor in the UM's Catalog