Montana Arabic Summer Institute

June 18 to July 13, 2012



About MASI 2012

We will host the fifth intensive and non-residential Montana Arabic Summer Institute (MASI) for high school students from June 18 to July 13, 2012, offering 75 contact hours over a period of four weeks. Graduates will received 5 college credits.

MASI 2012 will have two levels:

  • Level 1: high students with no previous knowledge of Arabic, and
  • Level 2: high school students who have been introduced to Arabic (including Arabic FLAP students)

The target population will be rising juniors and seniors from seven high schools in Missoula and the surrounding areas. The goal is for 30 students to develop linguistic competence and cultural knowledge as a base from which they can excel in Arabic studies at the college-level.

Classroom instruction integrates the four language skills in a communicative approach. The introduction and production of Arabic integrates the use of technology in the classroom and beyond. Learning outcomes will be assessed via conversations, homework, quizzes, a final exam culminating in an Arabic oral presentation, and local OPIs. Indicators of success will consist of active classroom participation, conversations related to daily interactions, making comparisons, and awareness of cultural perceptions and patterns.