We offer a minor in Chinese, details below.

Our courses also count toward the major in East Asian Studies.

Courses Offered:

CHIN 101-102; 201-202, 301; Chinese 302 is offered intermittently, depending on enrollments.

CHIN 211H Chinese Culture and Civilization

CHIN 313L Chinese Poetry

CHIN 314L Traditional Chinese Literature

CHIN 388 Readings in Classical Chinese

CHIN 432 Twentieth-Century Chinese Fiction

Chinese 101 through 202 are five-credit courses. Chinese 301-302 and all other courses on this list carry three credits. The literature and culture courses are taught in English and have no prerequisites; the one exception is CHIN 388, which requires successful completion of Chinese 102.

Requirements for the Chinese Minor:

  1. First- and second-year Chinese, i.e. Chinese 101 through 202, for a total of 20 credits.
  2. Three Chinese literature/culture electives from the list above: nine credits.
  3. One of the three electives may be an approved China-centered course offered by another department.