Welcome to the German Section of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures! If you’re thinking of majoring or minoring in German or just taking classes with us, German is a great way to connect to all kinds of interests you may already have. Both English and German are Germanic languages and the two share much in common. You can probably figure out what a “Haus” and “Garten” are among lots of similar words. German is an exciting way to learn and experience a huge variety of things about Europe, about the world, and maybe even your own family. (The most common cultural heritage in the U.S. is German.) Travel, history, politics, economy, the environment, and the creative worlds of art, literature, music, and film… these are just some of the many topics we cover in our courses.

Thinking about spending time overseas during your studies? German will help get you there. Many of our students take advantage of the chance to study abroad either with a UM faculty-led program, a UM partner university, or through International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP). And Europe comes to us every year thanks to the Fulbright Teaching Assistant Program which provides us with German instructors from Austria who are eager to share their expertise and enthusiasm about their native land and Central Europe in the UM classroom.

We’d look forward to the chance to meet you and have you in class! Check out the various links here on the German Section homepage for more information about our courses and programs. If you have any questions, contact Marton Marko, Associate Professor and Section Head of German:
Bis bald! Hope to see and talk with you soon!

Why Learn German?