Study Abroad Program

UM Faculty Led Study Abroad Program
Spring 2017 (Jan. 23-April 21)
Oaxaca, Mexico: Instituto Cultural Oaxaca
(Make Significant Advancement toward a Major or Minor in Spanish)
UM Director: Professor Clary Loisel
LA 428
Telephone: 406-243-2150

Application Deadline: April 29, 2016

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca: Since 1984, the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca has developed integral programs to enable students to learn Spanish in an enjoyable and interesting way. Located on the grounds of a beautiful 19th-century estate, this Spanish language school proudly welcomes students from all over the world. The Instituto offers personal and friendly service and the opportunity to learn Spanish in the stunning, colonial city of Oaxaca – a place where historic and present-day Mexico meet. The Instituto is a founding member of ASESEO, the Spanish Language Schools Association of Oaxaca, an organization dedicated to ensuring quality and professionalism in Spanish language learning and promoting Oaxaca and its culture as a destination to study Spanish. The teachers are dynamic native-speakers, all of whom have university degrees and years of experience. They communicate with students exclusively in Spanish. Learning takes place in an environment of total immersion in which instructors implement strategies that facilitate language acquisition and evaluation throughout the learning process by providing individualized feedback and assistance. The school is located 10 minutes walking distance from the center of town.
Website for the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca:
Oaxaca, Mexico: Oaxaca is the capital city of the state of Oaxaca and is located near the center of the state in a high mountain valley (5100'), with a population of about 255,000. The climate is spring-like during most of the year with warm days and cool evenings. There are an amazing number of cultural activities and points of interest both within and near the city such as cathedrals, museums, parks, concerts, restaurants featuring Oaxaca's famous cuisine, archaeological sites, and crafts villages. With its large population, the city supports modern medical facilities with a full complement of specialists.
Oaxaca is rich in history and culture. The urban center was known as Huaxyacac in the Nahuatl language until 1532 when the Spanish gave it the name Nueva Antequera. The zócalo (main square) is the heart of the city and has been so since 1529. On the south side of the zócalo is the former state government building, now a museum; on the north side is the Cathedral of Oaxaca that dates from 1535. A number of cafes surround the zócalo and sitting at a sidewalk table and watching the activities in the square is a popular pastime.
Program Description: Participants must register for a full program of courses (15 credits). Their registration process will take place in Missoula and will be closely planned by the student in consultation with the Program Director to insure that all credits earned in Mexico will count towards the student’s study and graduation plans. Participants do NOT need to be Spanish majors or minors.

Orientation Course: All students MUST register for SPNS 291 (Tuesdays 4:00-4:50) for fall 2016. This course is taught by Professor Loisel and will prepare students to maximize their study abroad experience. We will study about Mexico in general and Oaxaca in particular. We will also address health and safety issues.

UM Courses Commonly Credited in Spanish:
Spanish 202 Intermediate Spanish (4 cr)
Spanish 301 Written and Oral Expression in Cultural Contexts (3 cr)
Spanish 308 Intensive Spanish Abroad (up to 9 cr);
Spanish 321 Advanced Conversation (3 cr)
Spanish 331 Introduction to Latin American Literature (3 cr)
Spanish 391 Special Topics (up to 9 cr)
Spanish 408 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 cr)
Spanish 432 Latin American Literature (3 cr)

*All students MUST have completed a minimum of three college semesters of Spanish or
the equivalent of SPNS 201 prior to departure with a grade of B or better.
*All students MUST present proof of Health Insurance verifying effective and
appropriate abroad coverage. Students not registered in the UM Insurance Plan
MUST provide a copy of their insurance. Insurance plans MUST comply with
UM minimum coverage requirements.
*All students MUST sign a student contract which defines the Director’s and the UM
expectations in terms of academic and ethical responsibilities while abroad.
*All students MUST participate in regular group activities but ample time will be made
available for pursuing individual interests.

Estimated Costs: $4780* (shared room)

*Every effort will be made to keep the estimate from increasing. However, possible fluctuations in market forces may affect the estimated total either upward or downward.

*This amount covers:
--An introductory walking tour of Oaxaca during the first week of classes
--The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca’s tuition, materials, and program coordination
--Homestays with Mexican families (2 meals per day: breakfast and the principal meal of
the day called “comida” served around 2:00 PM).
--Three excursions: 1) Monte Albán and Arrazola, 2) Teotitlán del Valle, Tlacolula, and
Tule, and 3) Mitla, Yagul, and Tlacochahuaya. (Feel free to Google these
destinations for more information). These excursions take place on either
Saturday or Sunday early in the program and do not interfere with the
students’ main meal of the day.
--Two-hour long afternoon workshops rotated among salsa dancing, cooking, and
weaving, during the first six weeks of the program. (Depending on interest,
students will also have the opportunity to paint wooden figurines to create their
own “alebrijes,” which is a popular Oaxaca art form. For each figurine students
would like to paint, they will pay an additional $5.00).
--An “Intercambio,” which is the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Oaxacan to
improve your Spanish and for your new friend to improve his or her English.
This kind of experience is the essence of international education.
NOTE: The price quoted ($4780) is for a shared bedroom. A private bedroom for
the duration of the program increases the overall fee to $5230.
*In addition to the fee charged by the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (either $4780 for a shared
room or $5230 for a private room), all students MUST pay their regular UM
tuition. Regular fee waivers, scholarships, and financial aid apply. In some cases
the Financial Aid Office can work with students to increase their aid.
*Students will also make their own arrangements for transportation to and from Oaxaca,
Mexico. At the moment, round-trip airfare from Missoula to Oaxaca is about
*Students must pay their own entry fees into museums and other places of interest during the program except for the entry fees already included in the three excursions. If necessary, students should also expect to be assessed a fee to transfer funds between Missoula and Oaxaca. All incidental expenses are the student’s responsibility.

Available Scholarships:
a. Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures scholarships
b. Latin American Studies scholarships (for LAS Minors)