Study Abroad Program

Spring 2019 Salamanca, Spain silouhette of a young woman on a bench facing a large body of water, ancient towers are in the background

UM Faculty Led Study Abroad Program
Spring 2019 (Jan. 23-April 21)
Salamanca, Spain: Colegio de España

(Make Significant Advancement toward a Major or Minor in Spanish)
UM Director: Professor Jannine Montauban LA 426

The Basics

U.M. General announcement: Salamanca, SPAIN

Application Deadline: Monday, May 7, 2018

A study abroad program to Salamanca, Spain is being offered Spring Semester 2019. Students will have a 1 credit orientation class during Fall semester and study in Salamanca during February, March and April. Students stay in private homes and attend language and culture classes. The classes at the Colegio de España are taught by native Spanish instructors. One required class is taught by the Director. Participants register for 12-15 credits. In addition to classes students will be participating in scheduled trips and activities.

Director 2019: Jannine Montauban, Spanish Section, Dept. of Modern and Classical
Languages & Literatures The University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812
Office: L.A. 426,

Orientation course: Students have to register in SPNS 291 during Fall 2019. In Salamanca students will meet with the Director once a week.

Other U.M courses typically credited in Spanish:
(These all appear in the Spring 2019 Class Schedule as Section 70)

  • SPNS 202 Intermediate Spanish II (4 cr.)
  • SPNS 301 Oral and Written Expr. (3 cr)
  • SPNS 308 Intensive Spanish Abroad (R-9 )
  • SPNS 321 Advanced Conversations (3 cr.)
  • SPNS 326 Contemporary Spanish Lit (3 cr)
  • SPNS 355 Hispanic Literature and Culture (R-9)
  • SPNS 391 Special Topics (R 9)
  • SPNS 393 Omnibus: Variable (R-10)
  • SPNS 408 Adv. Comp.& Conversation (3 cr)

Classes attended in Salamanca
Institution: Colegio de España, Calle Compañía, 65 – 37002 Salamanca Tel:923-21-47-88
Courses (offerings may vary):
  • Lengua española: Historia del arte español contemporáneo
  • Intensivo normal Literatura española del Siglo XX
  • Intensivo especial Tradiciones, música y folklore
  • Historia de España del Siglo XX España para viajes y turismo

Some requirements:
  •  Students must have completed a minimum of three semesters Of Spanish or equivalent prior to departure with a grade of B or better.
  •  All students must present proof of health insurance (Office of Global Engagement).
  •  Student contract: Defines conditions for remaining in good standing. Students agree to pay the tuition and fees as defined, come through with the formal responsibilities of the program, and so on. Included is an agreement not to arrange visits by family and friends in Spain during the program.

Estimated costs:
  •  To know the cost of the program (which does NOT include airfare and UM tuition), contact Professor Montauban (
  •  All students must pay their regular UM tuition. Regular fee waivers, scholarships, financial aid apply. In some cases, the Financial Aid office can work with students to increase their aid.

Available Scholarships:
  •  Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
  • University of Montana Study Abroad Scholarships
  •  Provost Office Study Abroad Scholarships
  •  Local sources

  • Out of Salamanca (Feb-March/tentative): La Alberca, Mogarraz, Miranda del Castañar; Segovia; Avila, or Alba de Tormes;
  • April 7-13: Andalucía: Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada and Madrid and Toledo.