Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification Requirements

In collaboration with the Teacher Education program of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Spanish Section dedicates part of its program to teacher training to meet Montana certification requirements for grades K-12. There are Education courses as well as Spanish courses to fulfill. The sequence of Education courses is designed to accommodate degree-holding students returning for graduate level work. Since many of the Spanish courses required for the certificate will have already been satisfied, it is possible in many cases to complete the program in a summer-fall-spring-summer plan. The candidate in Spanish may elect either a teaching major (51 credits) or minor (36 credits), both of which require student teaching and a term of study in a Spanish-language country. The latter requirement may be met either through a U.M. departmental program, or an experience considered to be equivalent. Advising is done both through the Spanish program and the Teacher Education program.

Download information. Please contact Professor Pablo Requena for more information: pablo.requena@umontana.edu