Placement Examinations

What it the webCAPE Placement Exam?

WebCAPE is a nationally recognized Computer Adaptive Placement Exam, first created for Brigham Young University.  It is a free, online program and is administered at the MCLL office and during summer, fall, and spring Orientation. Students are tested in a multiple choice format on reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. The test is timed; the average completion time is 30 minutes. Please inform the department of any special accommodation needed prior to testing.

MCLL webCAPE Placement Exam FAQ

Currently MCLL tests only Spanish, German, and French.  Students with an interest in or prior experience with Russian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Latin, and Arabic can contact Olivia White at (406)243-2401 or to set up an appointment with the respective sections.
  • Students wishing to major or minor in French, German, or Spanish
  • Transfer students with partial credit from another institution.  
  • Students with prior college credit or AP credit do not necessarily need to take the exam, but are welcome to do so.
  • Students with prior language experience who are interested in “testing out" of the two semester MCLL General Education Requirement (fulfilling the requirement through demonstartion of sufficient knowledge in the language tested) are required to attend a monitored group test at Orientation, or schedule an individual appointment at the MCLL office.  

Group tests will be scheduled during Orientation, that schedule is determined by the Orientation Coordinator. Individual exams are also offered during Orientation in the event that a student’s schedule conflicts with the test time. 

The next scheduled Placement Exam will take place in Liberal Arts 104 on the following dates:

Thursday, August 21, 2014     4-6 PM

Individual testing is administered at the MCLL Main Office, Liberal Arts 313, in the west wing of the Liberal Arts building.  Students must contact the MCLL main office to schedule an individual exam.  Remote testing is offered to students who are attempting to place into a higher level language course.

Please contact Olivia White for details:

Olivia White


Liberal Arts 313

The Placement Exam is free.
The exam can be taken multiple times.  It is progressive, so each exam is different.  However, if a student needs to retake the test more than three times it is recommended that they take the course.
The test is timed. Most students complete the exam in about 30 minutes. Time may be considered in the score, particularly if the test is taken remotely (this option is only for students placing into a higher level language class). Remote testing is based on the honor system, students may not use online translation programs, dictionaries, or any outside assistance.  This exam is designed to test general knowledge. If the test administrator has a question about the score students will be asked to retest at the MCLL office. Please see the University of Montana policy on Academic Integrity. If the student requires special accommodation the student or their advisor should inform the MCLL office prior to the exam. 
Results are immediate.  Any scores testing students out of 102 (second semester elementary level) and above are recorded on the SOATEST form in Banner, the University records database.  Scores are usually entered into SOATEST immediately after the test results are received.  Students are asked to keep a copy of their result sheet for their advisor. Results MUST be discussed with a major advisor. A stamped and authorized copy of the testing results is available upon request from the MCLL office.
No credit is given for this exam; a student who tests out of the general education requirement (testing out of 101 and 102) will have the credits for this course waived by their advisor upon successful completion of their Major.