University of Montana Mexico Summer Program

Mexico Summer 2019 provides students with the opportunity to study Spanish and aspects of contemporary Mexico while living in Mexico. Students will have the opportunity to earn academic credit in Spanish and political science with additional opportunities for independent study in the major or minor of their choice. Students will have the opportunity to live with host families and go on a number of field trips. This will be the 17th time Professor Haber has taken students from UM to Mexico.

The host institution is CELEP, The Center for Language Study and Ecotourism (Centro de Lenguas y Ecoturismo, A.C.). CELEP is a sister organization and outgrowth of the award-winning applied research institution CESE, The Center for Social and Ecological Studies (Centro de Estudios Sociales y Ecológicos, A.C.). CELEP will provide language instruction, classroom space, and lead some of the field trips. CESE will provide introduction and access to a host of governmental, academic, and non-governmental organizations working in the Pátzcuaro region.

Pátzcuaro is a town with a population about the size of Missoula, located approximately 200 miles to the west of Mexico City. Pátzcuaro is known for its colonial architecture, large indigenous population and culture, and its natural beauty. Pátzcuaro has also become a first or second home to many artists and intellectuals fleeing the densities of Mexico's large metropolitan areas. The presence of these people is a valuable resource for the program.

The program is open to all students, regardless of class standing. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. The program can usually accommodate students with any level of Spanish proficiency, from nothing to advanced. The program is limited to 15 students.