Students First, Cadets Second, Successful Always

Interested in finding out what other Cadets think of the University of Montana ROTC Battalion? Here's where you can learn about the ROTC experience from motivated students just like you.

Cadet Ethan Wilfore, MSIV

"I am from Great Falls, Montana. I attended Leadership Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox in the summer of 2012. I was contracted and received a two-year scholarship after completing LTC. I attended Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) in the summer of 2013 and graduated top 5 in the platoon with an overall E rating. I was awarded distinguished military student and distinguished military graduate. I will be commissioning in military intelligence with a branch detail to infantry this coming Fall of 2014.

I joined ROTC because it will give me the opportunity to become a commissioned officer in the United States Army. It is also a way to advance my education through leadership training and graduate school. My favorite ROTC moments have been watching fellow cadets commission and achieve something they have worked very hard for. "

  Cadet Benjamin Cipriano, MSIII

"I grew up in a small rural community in Southeastern Wisconsin and graduated from Whitewater High School. I chose the Army ROTC program because I wanted to serve and give back to the country that has given me so much. Last summer I had the opportunity to travel Lithuania to teach English to Lithuanian soldiers through CULP. I spent 33 days in the country and had a blast.

I am currently acting as the captain of our Ranger Challenge team. I wanted to branch Infantry when I commissioned because they are at the forefront of the battle. For me, they are the best and I want to train with the best."


   Cadet Kathleen Kunkleman, MSII

"I was born in Houston, but grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado. I am a Psychology Major student of University of Montana in Missoula and a contracted member of their ROTC Program. Currently, I am a member of the Montana National Guard.  Upon graduation I hope to get active duty in either Military Intelligence or the Medical Corp.

I recently completed the Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and while there I received the High PT Score Award.  Through ROTC I have also been chosen to participate in the CULP trip to Poland in 2014. I enjoy a very close relationship with my individual class of cadets and with my mentors. They all actively support and assist me in every aspect of my life. ROTC has helped me to truly appreciate the camaraderie and friendship that is unique to the military experience.

There are many reasons I wish to become an officer in the U.S. Army, but the most important of these are family tradition, to serve my country, and to make my family proud.  Family traditions are a very important aspect of my life.  At least one man from every part of my family over the years has been in some branch of the military.  I wish to start a new tradition and become the first female officer in my family to do the same."

   Cadet Dylan Harris, MSII

"I am from the small town of Camas, Washington. I graduated from Camas High School, which is named after the town paper mill and home of the paper makers. I graduated with a 3.87 GPA and as a 2nd team All-State football captain.

I chose to come to the University of Montana because I received a WUE scholarship and to join the well-renowned ROTC program. I received a 3-year GRFD scholarship, received the Colonel Sam Roberts Scholarship, and got enlisted with the Montana National Guard in my first year as MSI. I am currently serving the 1-189th Aviation E Company, which is the branch I want to commission. The summer of 2013, I went to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina as a 09R and graduated the top of my platoon.

I chose to join ROTC because I feel that I can be a great leader with the childhood dream to serve my country. My prior military experience will not only help me excel as a police or law enforcement officer but also life itself.

   Cadet Zachary Kiffmeyer, MSI

"I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and I graduated from Shanley High School in Fargo, North Dakota where I live. I received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship. On my first year, I was awarded Ranger Challenge Team Member ribbon, Platinum Medal Athlete ribbon, Member of boom crew, color guard ribbon. I finished first semester of college with 3.84 GPA.

Army ROTC has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. I enjoy doing physical training with the Ranger Challenge team, and I look forward to continue training towards the Ranger Challenge competition at Fort Lewis-McCord in Washington this Spring. Every Thursday, I look forward to Leadership Lab in which we as a Battalion practice what we learn in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. Being an MSI cadet, I look to the upperclassmen as well as our Cadre for guidance, and I always end each Lab with new knowledge to build upon.

I chose Army ROTC because I realized I did not want the ordinary college life. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and to be in an environment where I know my peers would push me to become a better person, student, and cadet. ROTC is becoming everything I had hoped for, and I am looking forward to embracing all of the great opportunities that lie ahead within the Grizzly Battalion.

Right now, I would like to become an Aviation, Armor, or Infantry Officer in the United States Army upon commissioning as a Second Lieutenant."