Students First, Cadets Second, Successful Always

Interested in finding out what other Cadets think of the University of Montana ROTC Battalion? Here's where you can learn about the ROTC experience from motivated students just like you.


Cadet Dylan Harris, MSIV

"I am from the small town of Camas, Washington.  I graduated with a 3.87 GPA and as a 2nd team All-State football captain along with being a baseball player.

I chose to come to the University of Montana because I received a WUE scholarship and to join the well-renowned ROTC program. I received a 3-year GRFD scholarship and will be commissioning into the Oregon National Guard DET 1 2-218th Field Artillery, D Battery. I am served three years with  the 1-189th Aviation E Company. The summer of 2013, I went to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina as a 09R and graduated the top of my platoon.

ROTC provides a support network of friends and coworkers that you can lean on to succeed in your life goals. Through four years of support I have made my dreams come true becoming a police officer."


Cadet Megan Burchak, MSIV

" I am from Shelby Montana and have been a student in Missoula for the past four years pursuing a Psychology degree. I went to Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and then AIT as an 88M.  I served with the 631st Chem. Co. here for the past 2 years as a Cadet. I will be commissioning into the Montana State National Guard as an Ordnance Officer this coming May. I will go to Basic Officer Leadership Course this coming January where I will learn more about leadership as well as how to manage logistics. The most rewarding part about being an ROTC Cadet is the opportunities it has presented for me to grow as a person and a leader. I have had numerous opportunities to build my confidence and develop my individual leadership style within this program."


Cadet Matthew Bowman, MSIII

"I am from San Clemente, California. In another year upon the completion of my Business Management and Marketing degrees, I am planning on branching Field Artillery. At the moment I am also serving in the Montana Army National Guard drilling with the 1-163rd Delta Company Armor unit as a Cadet. This has been a great experience getting to apply future skills with an actual unit and learning how it operates. A big part of ROTC that I enjoy the most would be the challenges and leadership skills that we are both faced with and have learned over the years. These skills are one of the main reasons I have been able to get this far in both my academic and professional career and are some lessons I will use for the rest of my life."


Cadet Matthew Skillman, MSII

"My name is Matthew Skillman and I am a Montana native from Ennis, MT. I have no prior service.  I want to branch Military Intelligence.  My favorite thing about ROTC is practicing and applying tactical leadership to operations such as raids and ambushes during our leadership labs.  I am excited to watch how I develop my leadership style in my next two years here at the University."


Cadet Mackenzie Young, MSI

"I was born in Simsbury, Connecticut, however, grew up in Wolf Point, Montana. I am participating in the ROTC program hoping to contract as an Armor Officer. I am currently a cavalry Scout in the Montana National Guard out of Belgrade. One thing I thoroughly enjoy about the ROTC program is the camaraderie amongst Cadets and the rigorous physical fitness training of Ranger Challenge."