National Guard/Reservists (SMPs)

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

The SMP is a volunteer officer training program that allows current and future Army National Guard and Army Reserve enlisted members the opportunity to participate in ROTC.  Upon completion of Basic Training, a reserve component solider can join ROTC and earn a commission as an officer in the United States Army upon graduation.

The SMP program provides:

  • An opportunity to gain both a commission as a Second Lieutenant and a college degree.
  • Hands-on management and leadership training while drilling with a National Guard or Reserve unit.
  • An opportunity to maximize your enlistment eduational benefits while also getting additional benefits from the ROTC.
  • An opportunity for volunteer training in Airborne, Air Assault, Language Training in other countries, and multiple internship opportunities.
  • An opportunity to travel the world for Annual Training and/or Language Training while serving as a Cadet.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who:

  • Has or will complete Basic Training prior to contracting as an ROTC Cadet.  
  • Is an academic sophomore. Soldiers can participate as a Freshman but are not eligible to contract until their sophomore year.
  • Is physically qualified. Soldiers can use their MEPs physical if it is less than 2 years old.
  • Has a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • Has four years remaining on their current military obligation.
  • Is a full time student.
  • Is a U.S. citizen.
  • Successfully completes a backgorund check.
  • Can Pass an Army Physical Fitness Test.

What benefits will I recieve as part of SMP?

  • $4000 per year Tuition Assistance paid directly to the school
  • $265 per month drill pay paid to the Cadet
  • $368 per month GI Bill paid to the Cadet
  • $350 per month GI Bill Kicker paid to Cadet. 
  • $350 per month stipend paid to the Cadet.  This increases to $450 as a junior and $500 as a senior.
  • Additional Scholarships available for those who want to continue to serve in the National Guard or Reserves upon commissioning.
  • All soldiers are non-deployable while in ROTC AFTER they have completed one semester of college in the ROTC program.