Affiliated Conferences

MMUN Provides Assistance and Background Guides to:

Teton County Model UN (TCMUN) High School Conference, Jackson Wyoming

  • Sponsored by Interconnections 21; TCMUN blog and video
  • Since 2008, Prof. Adams has provided assistance with conference organization, country assignments, and background guides.  MMUN alumni staff TCMUN committees.

Sciences Po International Model UN Collegiate Conference, Rennes, France

  • Sponsored by Sciences Po Rennes; Facebook page
  • In 2013, this new conference used MMUN rules and three MMUN background guides.

The University of Chicago Summer Teaching Institute

  • In Summer 2009, the Institute used the MMUN guide on “Globalization and Interdependence” for a sample K-12 lesson plan and in-class simulation.

High School Teachers and College Professors Running In-Class Simulations

  • Brigham Young University used one guide in a 2011 class on “English through International Studies”
  • Flathead High School used several guides for a 2013 Conference on the Middle East

Would you like to use MMUN materials for your class or conference? 
Contact Prof. Adams for permission and assistance in tailoring them to your needs.