Brain, Mind and the Narrative Imagination, a new book just released by UM Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience, Christopher Comer.

Brain, Mind, and the Narrative Imagination by Chris Comer and Ashley Taggart

While neuroscience is most commonly viewed from a biomedical perspective, UM Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience Chris Comer has always been captivated with its intersection with the fields of Literature and Art.  In his new book, Brain, Mind and the Narrative Imagination, Comer explores these intersections and how advances in our understanding of the brain and cognition influence how we engage with literature.  The book is co-written with Ashley Taggart, who is a Lecturer in Drama at the University College Dublin’s School of English, Drama & Film, and is being published by Bloomsbury Academic Press, London.  It will be appreciated and enjoyed by readers interested in both the sciences and the humanities.

Although recruited to UM to serve as the Dean of the College of Humanities & Sciences, Professor Comer continued to maintain a strong presence in the classroom, where he taught primarily within UM’s emerging Neuroscience major.  Several of these efforts pushed beyond the neuroscience’s STEM borders and foreshadowed some of the ideas he explores in his new book, including: Literature and Brain, a course co-taught with English Professor Ashby Kinch, and Beauty of the Brain, a UM Community Lecture Series, as well as the Brain, Mind, and the Artistic Imagination”, a UM Study Abroad summer course at University Dublin College. 

Copies of the book can be ordered Order online at by entering the discount code GLR BN7 on the first page at checkout