Incoming Neuroscience Students, Autumn 2020

2020 think neuroscience university of montana

The faculty, staff and current students of UM’s Neuroscience program are very pleased to welcome our newest cohort of incoming students. This semester’s group represents one of our largest entering classes yet and highlights the growing interest students have in learning how the nervous system works and what changes in brains of people afflicted with disorders like Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and addiction. Our Fall 2020 Neuroscience class arrived with diverse backgrounds (60% in-state/40% out of state) and motivation (more than half plan on attending medical school). The latter likely reflects the preparedness that a degree in Neuroscience brings to pre-med students, as Neuroscience is the 3rd most popular Pre-med science major nationwide. Equally notable, more than half of our new neuroscience majors have been accepted into UM’s innovative and prestigious Davidson’s Honor College, which provides special opportunities for students to enhance their learning and leadership skills within and outside the classroom. Especially impressive, three of our Neuroscience freshmen received UM’s top scholarship – the Presidential Leadership Scholarship. All of our neuroscience majors who are new to campus are encouraged to join our neuroscience community by meeting the neuroscience faculty and joining our Neuroscience club.