The Covid-19 pandemic continues to thwart commencement, but not the resilience of UM’s Neuroscience majors who completed their degrees and graduated in 2020

stock image of graduates throwing caps.

Despite the many challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, our neuroscience majors continue to advance their studies and complete their degrees. Concerns for the health of UM students and their families, as well as for faculty, led to the decision to postpone commencement until at least Spring 2021.  Unfortunately this means the well-earned public recognition and celebrations of our graduates hard work and success have to be delayed.  Despite this delay, the neuroscience faculty wanted to acknowledge and congratulate all of the students who have completed their degrees in 2020.


University of Montana Neuroscience Graduates 2020
Ashley Bielawski, Cognitive Neuroscience, Spring 2020
Alyssa Danis, Cognitive Neuroscience, Spring 2020
Holleigh Jones, Cognitive Neuroscience, Fall 2020
Kristine Kramer, Cognitive Neuroscience, Fall 2020
Jacob Leatherwood, Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, Spring 2020
Chase Lukasiewicz, Cognitive Neuroscience, Summer 2020
Emily Peinado, Cognitive Neuroscience, Spring 2020
Danette Seiler, Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, Spring 2020
Jaiden Souza, Cognitive Neuroscience, Fall 2020
Kinsey Webb, Cognitive Neuroscience, Fall 2020