Neuroscience Students Join Griz Health to Help With UM’s Covid-19 Response

griz wearing a mask

Griz Health is a program made up of a collective of University faculty and volunteer students dedicated to helping keep the University a safe and healthy place to live and learn through these trying times of COVID-19. It is designed to educate and help keep volunteers up-to-date on the newest information available on the pandemic so they, in turn, can share that knowledge with their peers.  As a part of Griz Health, students take part in symptom checking, informational tabling, social media outreach and working with various campus facilities to help enforce social distancing and mask wearing. Griz Health is also teaming up with Curry Health Center on various outreach programs and is providing volunteering opportunities to aid with symptom checking and screening at the clinic.

Griz Health provides an exceptional opportunity to further prepare students for jobs in public health and has a large array of students and majors taking part in the program. Among them are a few of our very own Neuroscience majors. The many aspects of the program aid students in developing leadership, communication, and team building skills.

Sunny Mathaun, a Pre-Med student majoring in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience says “Through the Pre-med and Neuroscience groups, I has gained a great appreciation for both the study of the brain and of the entire central nervous system. I find these programs very engaging and to be a big help to students looking to gain opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom setting.” Participating in Griz Health not only allows students to be a part of something new and get uncommon first-had experience in the field of public health, but also offers the opportunity to earn upper division credits. For Jacob Horton, a Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience major, i has provided him with the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone while also earning credit for the time he contributes. Jacob said “The moment I saw the email asking for volunteers, I knew this was something I wanted to help with, especially since my son attends the daycare here on campus.”

Griz Health has been a great way to connect and help support students through these uncertain times while also encouraging further engagement in the COVID response that will greatly benefit their education and future careers. Griz Health is still recruiting volunteers, if you are interested in becoming a part of the Griz Health Squad, please visit the Griz Health website or contact Lily Apedaile (

UM Neuroscience Ambassador Jenny Taylor contributed to this article.

Griz Health graphic of the covid curve flattening.