This is Your Brain on Neuroscience

university of montana neuroscience club shirts

A group of UM neuroscience majors joined together to form a new ASUM-approved student club in 2019. Several Neuroscience club members met just prior to spring break to print the first edition of a club t-shirt. The club’s logo that appears on the front of the shirt was designed by Madi Neuman. Club funds were used to purchase the shirts and ASUM provided the hot press used to iron on the logos. Unaware of the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic would bring to campus, this turned out to be the last club event of the 2020 spring semester. They hope to meet again as a group and welcome in new students sometime near the start of the fall semester. Shirts will be free and available to all club members, new and old, starting in August. Please contact Kinsey Webb for more information about the Neuroscience Club.

Contributed by Kinsey Webb, UM Neuroscience Club President